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Garlic to increase the stretchability.

Garlic to increase the stretchability.


I just heard form one my friends that if you leave mashed garlic on any tissue for a couple of hours, it would make the tissue lot more stretchable.

Do you guys think we could try this method to increase the stretchability?

I dont know man, sounds like it would burn. I remember the days my mother used to tell me to put garlic on my pimples to dry them out. Needless to say, it burned the hell out of me.

Now: BPEL - 8.58" (21.8 cm), NBPEL - 7.44" (18.9 cm), MSEG - 5.1875" (13.18 cm)

Short Term Goal: NBPEL- 8" (20.3 cm), MSEG - 5.5" (14 cm)

Long Term Goal: NBPEL- 8"+ (20.3 cm+), MSEG - 6.0" (15.24 cm)

I don’t think that garlic burns if is applied on intact skin.

“There have been several reports of serious burns resulting from garlic being applied topically for various purposes, including naturopathic uses and acne treatment.[48] On the basis of numerous reports of such burns, including burns to children, topical use of raw garlic, as well as insertion of raw garlic into body cavities is discouraged. In particular, topical application of raw garlic to young children is not advisable.[49]”

From Wikipedia for what it is worth take a look.

Garlic pecker?

Not wise in my opinion.

Your Johnson would smell like Olive Garden for awhile too! Now if your trying to keep vampires from sucking your dick, then garlic would be fine.


1-9-08 BPEL 5.5 X 4.5

1yr Goal 7 X 5.5

Long Term Goal 8X6

Whatever you do don’t put garlic on bare skin. A friend of mine did so on his leg before and it literally burned through his skin and was in pain for weeks. There is still a scar months later.

Maybe it’s something you get used to. Soccer….I mean “futbol” players in Latin America and Europe routinely rub massive amounts of pressed garlic all over their legs before a match. Why? I have no idea, I think soccer is a stupid sport so I don’t pay much attention to it. But that garlic thing did kind of stick out in my mind, so I figured I’d comment FWIW.

Garlic will surely burn penis skin since its thin.

Start 2-3-08 BPEL 7.25" EG 5.25" Midshaft

Now BPEL 9.00" EG 5.50 " Midshaft

Long term goal NBP 8x6 - "The Magic stick"

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