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Flax oil

Flax oil

I’m big on lifting and I heard flax oil is good for muscle recovery and different parts of the body. I take triple omega (fish, flax and borage oils). I was wondering if that’s enough flax and also is that the same as flax seeds? Thanks guys!

Flax in any form is good for lifting as well as fish oil. It is great for muscle recovery. It is the omega three fatty acid contained in them, also in fish oil,borage oil.

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Ok so flax seed and flax oil in the omega 3 are the same, and that is enough for one day if I take the 3 recommended pills a day correct?

hey amo, generally Flax comes in many kinds of ways, but they are all the same flax, the difference would be is the concentration of the Flax. Flax seed meal, flax seed oil(flax oil), etc. For example, Flax seed meal(grounded) 2 table spoon have a concentrate of 3g(which I believe is the recommended concentration). Flax seed pills have a less Flax content on each pill, hence the reason why you would need to take more than 1 pill. Flax seed oil does not have the fiber that you get like the flax seed meal, but all contains omega 3 fatty acids(in ALA fom). Hope that helps.

Thanks AlpHawannaGetbig, that helped a lot!

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