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Fat burning products?

Fat burning products?

Has anyone here noticed that fat burning products seem to hinder erections? I’m not sure on an ingredient that may effect erections but I discontinued use after I noticed this and my erections came back strong. I just started taking another supplement that is not a fat burner but noticed my erections subsiding again, so I’m stopping use. Anyone experience anything similar?

What are the active ingedients of these supplements you are taking?

It is a pre workout cocktail, similar to NO-Xplode called Armageddon. I had no problems with NO-Xplode and stopped for a few months and just bought this the other day. Ingredients are listed here:

Other than this, I only take a multi and protein. I think I’m going to discontinue use either way. I’ll stick to my multi and protein from now on.

MMM OK, nothing jumps out from the ingredients list.

I think your suggestion of stopping it will give you a better picture of whether it’s having any negative effect.


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