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Most of the observed carcinogens are released from plastic with heat (e.g. a microwave).

I believe part of the reason is that plastic is based on fossil fuels (some trace volatile compounds are always left over in spite of the refinement process and these can be more quickly released with heat). However, I don’t think plastic is all that harmful in normal circumstances. Otherwise, you better throw away your plastic keyboard, your plastic toothbrush, all the plastic that might inadvertently touch your skin.

I used to cut weight for wrestling by running around with plastic trash bags on my whole body. Guess what, I’m 36 and in perfect health. No cancer, nothing wrong with me.

I don't think a temporary plastic bag on his penis is a big deal—you're blowing things out of proportion.

Just my opinion ;)

It’s not so much the plastic being in touch with skin but the oil creating a link between the plastic and skin. The oil will soak into the plastic and absorb some of the chemicals which will then possibly end up in your body.

Doing once or twice might not be so bad, but doing it everyday probably isn’t such a good idea.

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