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Effect of ephedra use on flaccid hang


I’m curious what you all mean when you say products that don’t contain ephedrine work well. Have you experienced significant fat loss over what you would normally expect in the same period without taking these pills?

The jittery (and probably shrinky dick) effects that ephedrine causes wear off over time as one becomes accustomed to it, yet the thermogenic effect continues. The subjective sense of being wired up is not an effective indicator of how well a fat-loss supplement is working. See the link I posted above.

If I gulp down 64 ounces of strong coffee, I’ll go up the wall, but it doesn’t have the same effects on metabolism as an EC stack.

Hello hobby,

In response to your question, the only diet pill that I’ve tried that does not contain ephedra is the new Ripped Fuel.

I’ve never really needed to lose to much weight so I’m probably not a good example, but I can easily lose at least ten pounds taken the new Ripped Fuel in less than two weeks (without exercise, and only moderately dieting). It gives me the same feeling I have when taking the original Ripped Fuel.


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