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do steroids side effects make a big penis

do steroids side effects make a big penis

I was reading the yahoo group,…HORMONES-PUMPS/ And they said that the drug ANDRIOL,2% Testosterone cream and Injected Deca Testosterone are used for penis enlargement . do you think all three drugs can be used at the same time with out a problem and do you think the steroid alternitive derma gain from ,http://www.anabolicstore.con/anabol…ids/Andriol.htm will prduce the same results. thanks alot I am a newbie to the whole PE thing

Testosterone and PE discussion #264382.5:


I do not think steroids or high testosterone levels have any effect on penis size after puberty. Search the forums for more info on the subject.


I’m positive that I’ve read that a side effect of steroid use is shrinking testicles. I don’t know if the penis also shrinks, but your nuts will. And, I’ve known 2 guys who died in their 30’s because of steroid use. I’d stay the hell away from that stuff.

Very Dangerous stuff from what I understand. Freinds of mine “thought” they needed it and have the shitty side effects mentioned


Your testicles will atrophy while you are “on cycle”. If you end the cycle intelligenty this effect is fully reversable. Test. use only causes penis enlargment if one has microphallus.

- hope this helps.

There are those here that think that 8” or under is a microphallus. I am leaning towards the side that topical testosterone or precursors can actually help gains.

anon1122, who are these people???

I was just making a joke about how most people here think 8” is the magic number and anything less won’t do.

Using steroids causes an effect of less blood flow to the genitals. Thus causing less of the T/DHT to reach its target. Even if the topical T does work, increasing the speed of growth can only be harmful and ultimately weakening because your not giving your penis time to heal.

Please stay away from T/DHT or you might be the poster boy for why PE is dangerous.

Normal DHT levels are sufficient to grow your penis. I didn’t start this conversation to have everyone running out to the DR trying to get Androgel.

I was interested in helping those who didn’t gain to get results as well. I did not count that most people are in such a rush that they are willing to risk ED to get results faster. Exercise the other head so you won’t end up with a permanently limp dick.

That made me laugh anon. Have to say I’m one of those people. I think I will feel small until I get to that number, even though it’s essentially arbitrary anyway.

I have been on androgel for several years now. I’m 55 and had experienced a low testosterone level. The stuff won’t give you a bigger dick, but if your “T” level is low is sure makes your dick work better. Gets harder, and more often. You also will have a stonger sex drive.

Most of the negative side effects you read about are the body builders who take magnum doses of multiple steroids and hormones.

Lately, i have been applying the Androgel directly to my penis. The alcohol base gives a gentle warmth, sometimes a litte burning sensation. Don’t ever put it on your nuts-it BURNS.

I haven’t noticed any size difference, but i have noticed my dick looking veinier. That’s ok. It actually looks pretty healthy.

So anyway, i think small to moderate amounts especially if you have been diagnosed as low “T”, are good. I’ve experienced no negative side effects.

See guys, it does work……..But you are one crazy MF to put that stuff on your dick. Makes me wonder how the hell you got that old.

Doesnt. I mean……Maybe I need to proof read myself from time to time.

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