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do pills work with exercises

do pills work with exercises

i have read many views on this but none seem conclusive. I am trying to find out if they do work and if so which ones r best. I had heard zytodyne has everything needed to help exercises work and they were very cheap, only 45 dollars for 3 months, problem is they dont send to uk, i had ordered but they refunded money and told me it would never get thru customs. Another 1 ive heard good things about is vig-rx (is this different from vig e rx) but its very expensive. Wouldnt mind paying if i KNEW that it’d help. Ive been on exercises for about a yr now, gained about .5 in lenth and girth but going is too slow for me, if pills help id try them but just about to give up on exercises alone, btw routine is
Stretching Blood Flow 3
The Pressured Shlong 6
The Jelq & Hold 8
The Power Stretch 4
PC Weighting 3
The Wake Up Cloth 1
PC Flex Basic +++
Sit Down Stretch +++ s

plus i use power jelq for 15 mins, this is 3 on 1 off but too little results, please help, any advice or any1 able to get me zytodyne i would be interested


The main and most important ingredient in most of those pills is L-arginine, so I just take 1000-2000 mg L-arginine per day, before my workouts. L-arginine is also a lot less expensive then the combo pills with the fancy names. So, if I were you I would check to see if the amino acid L-arginine is more readily available to you.

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thanc for quick reply

i have tried some things with larginine in, libidoblast has that and muira parma but it doesnt seem to have much of an effect, ive also heard that vigrx helps u to last longer and keep erections easier, not really necessary as i havent got a problem in that but would class it as an excellent bonus to last even longer


Hi Basil,
It sounds like you’ve already made up your mind.

Supplements can have a small effect, but adjusting your routine can have a large effect. Everyone’s body responds differently to stimulus. What produces great results for one guy doesn’t do much for someone else. You’ve got to experiment with your own body to discover what combination works best. It’s possible that you only need a small change from what you’re doing to stimulate monster growth.

Good luck,


sorry, I have checked that but seem to get different opinions on how much use they are, some reckon they’ll help if use with exercises, others dont, would like a straight answer if possible. Sorry if I broke any rules, never meant to.


Re: sorry

Originally posted by basil1492
sorry, I have checked that but seem to get different opinions on how much use they are, some reckon they'll help if use with exercises, others dont, would like a straight answer if possible. Sorry if I broke any rules, never meant to.

I don’t think Thunder was telling you to read the Forum Guidelines because of your question; rather, I think it was to remind you to be mindful of your grammar. For example: you have a few sentences that begin with a lower-case letter. You don’t need to be perfect in your writing, feel no pressure in that regard. It just makes it easier for the reader if your thoughts are broken down in a more coherent manner. Besides, it’s good to encourage yourself to improve and practice your writing skills.

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Don’t know if this will be much help to you, but I have found - for me anyway - that supplements don’t really work.

Notably - and there are numerous threads on this area - those so called”penis pills.” They have “trace” amounts (very little) of a lot of stuff, surrounded by filler, which has the primary purpose of removing you from your money.

Do a thorough search of the SUPPLEMENTS thread line, and you will be very pleased by the wealth of information that you find.


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Originally posted by wan2Bbig

While we’re speaking about grammar, in English, this statement means that their claims are true. It should read “If it sounds to good to be true, it probably IS (it is too good to be true)” - “Isn’t” would mean that it doesn't sound too good to be true and therefore probably IS true.

The only language that I have studied that doesn’t work like this is Russian. In Russian, double negatives work. For example, in Russian, the statement “Don’t tell me that these pills don’t work”, actually means “tell me these pill DON’T work” while in English it means “Tell me that these pills DO work.” (by way of one negative cancelling out the next, to make a positive statement). Russian grammar will negate a whole string of words in a sentence, once they start, they just can’t stop but it all stays negative. It’s like English has a built in Sarcasm Mode (do what I tell you to not do). Please forgive my digression, I just find it to be funny stuff.

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I have taken VigRx for two months and it did nothing for me as far as lasting longer (I could use the help sometimes!) and getting an easier erection.
“May” have helped with gains. I still do not have any conclusive evidence either way.

“do pills work with exercises?”>>

No but the exercises work without the pills.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Hi all, I’m B16guy and I tried the Vigrx pills and they did nothing for me except give me a slighter heavier hang, harder erections, but the wierd thing was that I could last only for a min. Before I took the pills I could last for at least 5 min. Vigrx also make you very horny.
Now I’m taking Big Jim pills to see if maybe they will help. The pills have these in them:
50mg zinc
yohimbe bark 500mg
maca 250mg
L-Arginine 500mg
ginsing blend 125mg
other 750mg ( too much to list)
I hope this helps.

If any one has input on these let me know please. I would like to know if I am wasting my time.

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500mg of Yohimbe is alot! Be careful with anything with Yohimbe in it as it can cause nervousness, sweats, increased heart rate…etc

I tried VP-RX for several months. It did nothing. It has Yohimbe in it also and sometimes if I took it at night I’d have trouble sleeping, I’m assuming from the Yohimbe. My penis did hang a little bit more full while it was flaccid but it didn’t help me with getting erect gains any faster. If you do decide to buy these pills, I’d say try some that are well known, but they sell them on Ebay so you can get it a little cheaper. Two types that come to mind are VP-RX (I got mine for $15 per bottle on Ebay) and ZytoDyne (which was $40 for three months the last time I saw it). Vig e Rx and Vigarex and Invigorex (and all others that sound like well known brands should be avoided, in my opinion.

Of course, you could just get L-arginine and take a few grams per day on an empty stomach. That works much better for me than the pills did. You can get a pound of arginine powder for $22.99 at


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I took Enzyte for 3 months, and got nothing to show for it. By looks of it no one else did either. How can they sell these products when they don’t work? Just wanted to know.

Willy B

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