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Combining yohimbe with alcohol?

Combining yohimbe with alcohol?

Anyone ever tried this (successfully)?

I may have an upcoming sexual encounter and want to take yohimbe for getting a great long-lasting erection but it ‘sometimes’ makes me a bit shaky, nervous and nauseous for the first few hours. Though the hardon effects last all day or even 2.

I also want to take alcohol to lessen the nerves and inhibitions and feel more aroused. BUT I have a feeling this could be a bad combination? So maybe take the yohimbe early in the day and then a few hours before sex have a couple of vodkas or something?

Any other ideas?

If yohimbe does this to you you need to take something else or not take anything at all. Unfortunately a lot of men do this, so do women, they drink to lesson the inhibitions. Your best bet is to cold turkey this one. Sex is better and more enjoyable without alchohol. Try to get to know the woman a bit longer do the foreplay thing. Cuddle up to the dame!

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I think I agree. I have taken yohimbe before a night out to stay up, and I don’t know that I noticed all that much positive; I seemed more tired earlier, and just was mentally dragging. This was when combined with moderate drinking (in Wisconsin…for what that’s worth).

I don’t think a glass of wine or something would be bad, but don’t go more than that for reasons kingpole stated.


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Yohimbe + alcohol = psychotic break in a very small percent of users.

I no longer have a link and recall that it was a very small fraction of a percent at that but still something to consider. I have certainly combined them myself before.

If you have the $ and the time to score it go with V or C.

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“V” or “C,” huh?

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V or C = Viagra or Cialis.

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Yohimbe is a banned substance by the FDA now, no?

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I can’t use Cialis or Viagra,I have bad kidneys. So I have to use the knock offs. Thanks anyway


I find the combination of Horny Goat Weed and Maca rather useful for recreational jerking, hehehe!

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^ I just bought HGW and Maca!

What a coincidence!


8.5'' here we come!


Yeah what a coinkydinky. Hehehehe!

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