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Closing down all the generic drug web sites/and finding open sites for generic drugs

Thanks, Big Girtha, I finally got all the Paypal du-du squared away. I received my 20 ml today and they sent another free. I had a left over medicine bottle with a pipette, so I tranfered both bottles into this one. When I emptied the two 20 ml bottles into mine I ran some water into them and drank up any residue. :) has excellent service, 2 damn days. :up:

Did any of you guys have any luck getting the 50 ML of C for $20.00 at kitsnmore? They sold 20 vials at this price, it didn’t last long.

According to my calculations, I now have 90 ML. That makes a total of 2700 MG, if taken at .5 ML every 72 hours, that’s enough for 540 days(180 doses). This is like a dream, I have a prescription of 5 20 MG Cilais waiting at the pharmacy for $65.00, it looks like they will be keeping them. :)

When something is too good to be true, then kitsnmore definitely is. As Janis Joplin said, Get it while you Can!

I didn’t even try for the Kitsnmore special. Do you know how it worked? Did you have to place an order for the 50ml for $99, and if you’re one of the lucky 20 you get it for only $19, otherwise you are charged the full price of $99? If correct, this is a pretty clever stunt on their part. They probably got a lot of people placing the $99 order, just to give it a try. I’m certain those 20 vials went in a heartbeat, probably to a lot of guys here! I was very amused by the fact that no one, including me, gave the others here a heads-up about this special. Okay, now you can tell: Who got one of the 20 vials at $19? Come on, fess up! :D


They done the special very fair. It was on the main page with an add to cart button under the price, no tricks. I forgot to tell you guys about the special in advance. :leftie:

I got one baby!!

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Originally Posted by mravg
Ordered from Kitsnmore Friday, and received my package Monday (USPS was fast from Florida to AZ).
I ordered 1 50 ml bottle for $99 and I got 2 50 ml and 2 30 ml bottles! I don’t know if this was some kind of promotion, or if they messed up the order and gave me too much. Now I have way too much.
The problem with the stuff is it isn’t so easy to hide in the house as pills would be.
I took .5 ml right away, and it seems to work just fine. I got a little headache and some trouble sleeping however, which I don’t usually get when I take a 10 mg pill.

Interesting, They shipped my order from Texas

Hi Guys

Got my order from KnM, came fast, 2 days.
I was leafing through here to figure out dosage, and saw a few different ways of measuring.
Decided to do some googling on the subject of equivalents, and came up with a few sites that I thought you all might find interesting.

The drip taste was very nostalgic for me, probably something in the cut years ago that is in the C liquid.
It ain’t V, thats for sure, much more subtle.

Thanks for all the info

Just a thought but we just bought some baby gas drops amount $5 came with a small eye dropper that had 1/3ml doses so 10mg per dose would be pretty easy to get using one of these. Peace

Kitsnmore won’t process my order with a credit card claiming that they need a verifiable address. WTF… my house has been here over 50 years!

I don’t have paypal… anybody else have this problem or a solution?


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I heard of that problem. Don’t know why. Why don’t you sign up with paypal?

Horny Bastard

Has anyone had problems getting this into Canada? I ran out on Gen V and thought I’d try this.

So, 20ml’s would be 40 dosages?

Yes, 40 doses of 15 mg each.

Horny Bastard

Hey guys anybody use this place at all the prices seem OK but the selection is great

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The prices look pretty high compared to some other internet sites, but that is about the only one where I have seen generic levitra, which I have been curious about.

With any of these sites, I would not order without someone saying they had a good experience with them.

Horny Bastard

on the above post by Dino, for the “brand name” sildenafil citrate, do you think that the actual “brand name” would be the Viagra? I noticed that the generic v doesn’t work for me as well as the real thing and the link above offers “brand name” AND generic. Was wondering if you knew if it was actually viagra.



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