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Closing down all the generic drug web sites/and finding open sites for generic drugs

Thank you ED726.

Originally Posted by midatlantic
Thank you ED726.

You’re welcome…., anytime

Avana is a Sunrise Remedies product (see my post 2340440) and FWIW one of the few (if only?) generic avanfil pills I’m aware of that’s good. I’ve read accounts of people that say it’s good and had good results with their other brands. But it’s not real cheap. It’s like $3.60 per pill whereas generics of other ED pills can be had at $.50-$2.00 per pill give or take. Still, it is a heck of a lot cheaper than brand name Stendra/Spendra.
Personally I’m not convinced avanafil is worth the extra cost or trouble to get when generic Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra are so much cheaper and easier to get but I absolutely understand if you want it. Also, different meds work better for some guys so I totally get it.

I bought real brand name Cialis with a prescription from and it’s a real legit pharmacy that I had a very good experience with. I got Cialis 20mg down to $20/pill that way. After that was when I really went looking for good generics (and how I ended up here.) I still have some of those Cialis actually because I started using Tadarise (a Sunrise Remedies brand) after that and it was just as good.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention those two things:
1) Avana should be a good generic avanafil.
2) is another real pharmacy. I gave them my doctor’s info and they called the office to get my prescription (I had an existing prescription with a local Walgreen’s for $49 per 20mg pill.) I’m sure is probably just as good.

Please let us know how Spendra worked out for you. How does it compare with other ED meds that you’ve tried.


I will post results here when my order for Stendra/Spedra arrives from PDD.

It’s strange how much variation there is in men’s reactions to these products. In researching avanafil I ran across a forum of some kind where men discussed their experience with the then just-released Stendra. A lot of them said it worked really well for them, and a few said it worked ok but other drugs worked better. But a significant number said it had abolutely no effect at all (but other drugs worked well for them). I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to find out which one works best for an individual is to try all of them and see. My own experience so far is that Viagra and Levitra usually, but not always, work reasonably well for me, but I feel awful all day the next day. Cialis doesn’t make me feel bad, but doesn’t work very well either. Stendra supposedly has fewer side effects than V or L, so I think it’s worth a try. But really I’m trying it because I haven’t tried it before, and there’s at least a chance the luck of the draw might end up with it working really well for me with no sides. No expectations though. There are men who get very little or no benefit from any of these drugs.

However, there is a complicating factor. According to the avanafil prescribing information, the two drugs I take for blood pressure are “moderate 3A4 inhibitors”, and as a result I’m supposed to limit the dose of avanafil to 50mg once a day, as opposed to a standard dose of 100mg, or a maximum dose of 200mg. Originally that warning said 100mg every 48 hours, but they’re revised it recently. Anyway, I doubt 50mg is gonna do it, but 100mg might, and every other day wouldn’t be so bad. :-) Avanafil is metabolized (removed from the body) by CYP 3A4, so the effect of the other drugs is to increase the maximum serum level, the AUC (area under the curve), and the half-life of avanafil, and thereby increase the risk of side effects. Grapefruit juice does the same thing. But of course the other effect is to increase avanafil’s effectiveness. So we’ll see. Maybe 50mg will work after all. And that would bring the price down to a little over $3 per dose for the brand name, which wouldn’t be bad at all.

WhiteNoise, where did you buy your Sunrise Avana?

Originally Posted by ChuckR
WhiteNoise, where did you buy your Sunrise Avana?

I did not actually buy Sunrise Avana. I have talked to other guys that have used it and said it worked, that’s all. If I were to buy it, I might get it from as I have the Sunrise vardenafil and tadalafil pills which work well. Nothing special about this site except that they’re reliable in delivering, they’ve been around a while, and have the Sunrise brands. I’ve ordered twice and had an acceptable experience both times.
There maybe cheaper places, though. For example, some of the same brands of pills are cheaper on ADC, but ADC doesn’t have Sunrise.
But Avana isn’t cheap. It’s $4-$6 per pill. Ouch. That’s why I haven’t bought it. I haven’t seen it much cheaper anywhere else but admittedly I haven’t looked much. It’s just an expensive pill.
The strange thing about safemedpills is that they have an “Avana” listing (pay attention to the URL) but also an “avanafil” listing and it shows and says it’s also Avana. Both listings are different prices but supposedly the same thing? I’m inclined to think the “avanafil” listing is not actually Avana, but if that’s so, then why is it more expensive? Maybe this is something you can clearify with them on the phone.

If you want to attempt liquids, first avoid ProgenPeptide and Geo Peptides. For one thing I think they are the same lab, for another thing I’ve received both good and crap product from them including something that gave me sweats and made my heart race and thought I was going to have a heart attack. They’re the cheapest but it’s not worth it. Also Madison James Research Chem has avanafil capsules but it was clearly mixed with tadalafil, so don’t get theirs. I took “150mg” of avanafil (3 caps) and had wicked uncontrollable wood for 3 days and the stuff lasted a good 5-6 days… obviously an OD of tadalafil. Fun product, but not what I wanted. Even the reviews on MJR’s site state that it lasts days (only tadalafil can do that.)

But you can try . I understand they have a decent reputation and they aren’t super cheap, so maybe you’re getting the real thing. Get a bottle and try 50mg. That’s the first place I’d try for a reasonably priced local liquid.
Also has it and it may be good. Look into the rep of this site.
As with all research liquid sites, get on their mailing list for coupon codes and sales. Never buy the listed price right off. Check out reputations at
These places will get the price of a 50mg dose down to about $1.00-$1.50 unlike Avana which will be $3.00 per 50mg (if you cut 100mg in half.) But I have no idea what the difference in effectiveness is.
Good luck!

I sent email to safemedpills seeking clarification as to why the prices are different, and which, if either, is “Avana” manufactured by Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. of India.

But you know, it looks like the brand name Stendra/Spedra from PlanetDrugsDirect is about the same cost as the Sunrise stuff at safemedpills. I got 8 200mg tablets for $106.39 after the eCheck 5% discount, and that includes free shipping from the UK. Safemedpills offers 16 100mg tablets for $102.40, but if they charge more than $3.99 for shipping, my stuff will be cheaper. Mine is $13.30 per 200 mg, $6.65 per 100mg, or $3.32 per 50mg (assuming it’s possible to quarter the 200mg tablets). The only downside at PDD is that you do have to have a prescription, which would rule it out for most here.

The liquids of course are substantially cheaper, as you say. But my thinking was to make this investment to see if the real stuff works for me at all, and if so, how well it works at 50 and 100 mg. It also will tell me about side effects. Then that will be my basis for evaluating the other tablets or the liquids. So far, the only one I’ve tried is the liquid from Progen, which doesn’t work well at all, but the problem is that I don’t know what’s in it.

Safemedpills says both products are made by Sunrise. That’s what they say.

Whitenoise, do you still like Purchase Peptides as the best (most effective) liquid tadalafil? I’ve bought from Iron Dragon before, and it seemed effective, but I found the glycerine carrier to be a real pain to deal with.

(Or anybody else with an opinion on this.)

I absolutely understand (agree) with getting Stendra/Spendra and trying it as a baseline. I have Cialis which I have used as my basline for tadalafil products and I wouldn’t have the confidence if I didn’t. I might consider asking my doctor for a ‘script to stendra for the same purpose.

I’m still really happy with Purchase Peptides tadalafil. It’s very effective and every bottle has been totally consistent in quality. I don’t know anyone that hasn’t been happy with them. The only problem with them is that they lost their credit card processor and are taking bitcoin only right now. Subscribe to their mailing list for deals and to be notified when they have CC back. It’s been a couple of weeks now and that has to hurt their business plenty.

If you need something soon, I would try Grindstone Labs, International Peptides, or Madison James Research. I ordered sildenafil from Grinstone once, it seems good (I only tried it once) and all other indications is that it’s a good product and they’re a good lab but I can’t give a solid recommendation yet. International has a fairly good rep. I’d still prefer Purchase Peptides personally because they’ve always been great and I guess they’ve earned my loyalty, but I don’t do bitcoin (yet.) Fortunately I’m stocked up for a long time on everything.

I know I told you to avoid Madison James for avanafil, but their tadalafil product is apparently good and if the tadalafil they allegedly put in my avanafil is any indication, then I can attest to that. I suspect they mix tadalafil into the avanafil as either a cost saving measure, or to really give it a nice stong backup. I mean it works, just not as purely avanafil. I took one capsule last night along with some Yohimbe and was hard as granite LOL. But today I still feel the effects of tadalafil and woke up this morning with an (apparently) tadalafil supported woody. But others say the tadalafil and sildenafil is consistently good and I believe that. People have had problems with MJR customer service but my one order went without a hitch.

I know I’m giving you a lot to absorb. Use this info as you please.

Originally Posted by ChuckR
Safemedpills says both products are made by Sunrise. That’s what they say.

OK. Why do they sell:
“avanafil (100)” 60 pills, $6.19 per pill, $188.09 total. on one page
“avana-100” 60 pills, $4.80 per pill, $120.00 total. on the other.

Digging deeper I look at
Down in the listing I see:
1 Avanafil-50mg Avana-50 4’tabs
2 Avanafil-100mg Avana-100 4’tabs
3 Avanafil-100mg Avana-100 4’tabs
4 Avanafil-200mg Avana-200 4’tabs

Avanafil-100 is listed twice as two different products. Back at safemed’s site, they have avana-50/avana-100 on one page (with “stendra” in parenthases at the top,) then avana-100 separately on the other page. So I might make the assumption that “avanafil/stendra” listing is product #1, and #2 from the list above. And the “avana” listing is product #3 above.
So WTF is the difference between product 2 and 3?

Furthermore, the product sold as “avana” is sold in quantities of 4 which matches the Sunrise packaging description. But the product sold as avanafil is sold by quantities of 10 which raises the question why? Is it some other packaging not listed on Sunrise site? Is it loose/bulk (like you’d get at a pharmacy) Or is it outright counterfeit and not made my Sunrise (which seems unlikely.)
I speculate that maybe it’s the same product sold as generic “avanafil” (you know for pharmacies to fill as a generic alternative to Stendra) whereas Avana is sold under the brand name Avana. So it could just be marketing/branding. I still don’t get why the big difference in price.

Last little tidbit. shows both products as “$4.10” which is incorrect. The avanafil listing doesn’t go that low but the avana does.

Oddly I’m more inclined to trust the avana-100 listing sold in QTY:4 which is coincidentally the cheaper price.

Again, it may be worth asking them what the difference is between them (if their CS even knows.)

Yeah, I’m gonna draw the line at bitcoin. PDD had credit card processor issues too, and for a while you could just send them a check. They didn’t wait until the check cleared to ship, and I doubt they had any material losses from that. But of course they deal in prescription drugs, not research chemicals, so the credit quality of the customer base may be different. Then they started using eCheck, which is basically just ACH processing. But it requires that you give them your bank account. I had no problem with that with PDD, but PP might be a different story. Anyway, I’ll wait until they’re back up with Visa.

Have you ever had a batch of tadalafil that you thought had gotten too old to be fully effective? Would a bottle from last summer stored at room temperature still be ok? Do you store yours in the refrigerator?

I pointed out to CS at safemedpills that the products were packaged differently and sold at different prices, but they gave no explanation for that, and just said that both were Sunrise. The problem is that there’s no way to get through to someone there who actually knows. But I agree - if I were ordering there, I think I would go with the Avana - right packaging, and lower price. Here’s the link to the Avana on that ev-dr site the other guy mentioned. Multiples of 4.

Guys what do you have against bitcoin?

I think it’s great.

I use “circle”, and it couldn’t be easier. You transfer money to circle with one of many ways, I use my debit card. Then you convert that to bitcoin so you can pay your overseas supplier. Boom. Done.

Because I don’t know who “circle” is, don’t know how to convert the transferred money to bitcoin, don’t know how to transfer the correct amount of money before I know what the exchange rate for bitcoin is going to be, don’t know how to keep from getting screwed on purchasing bitcoin, and basically don’t know anything about it at all, as should be obvious. But mainly because it’s too much trouble to go to to make a simple payment. Paypal is better. But, you know, I don’t have a smart phone either. So I’m a Luddite.

But I’ll just bet it isn’t really “boom, done” for someone who doesn’t know anything about it.

For anyone considering an order from All Day Chemist, I just recieved a large order from them (July 2016) of sildenafil products. I ordered Suhagra, Silagra, Caverta, and Penegra. I also have some brand name Viagra. I’ve spent the past couple weeks testing each of these.

Long story short: I found them all equally effective as brand name Viagra. They all gave me the same telltale side effects of flushing, stuffy nose, and headache. I have also previously ordered Manly which I also found good. Any differences in sildenafil products I’ve found is taking it on an empty vs full stomach and level of arousal.

Originally Posted by jibmums
For anyone considering an order from All Day Chemist, I just recieved a large order from them (July 2016) of sildenafil products. I ordered Suhagra, Silagra, Caverta, and Penegra. I also have some brand name Viagra. I’ve spent the past couple weeks testing each of these.

Long story short: I found them all equally effective as brand name Viagra. They all gave me the same telltale side effects of flushing, stuffy nose, and headache. I have also previously ordered Manly which I also found good. Any differences in sildenafil products I’ve found is taking it on an empty vs full stomach and level of arousal.

Awesome update.
If you were to order more, which would you get? Since they were all equally effective would you just get the cheapest per dose?


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