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clomiphene repackaged?

clomiphene repackaged?

I bought some clomid at .

The stuff was shipped from Belize.

Strange enough it did not come in professionally packaged strips, but loosely bundeled in 3 flat, plastic bags (30 pieces a bag).
Now I am afraid that I have been had, and someone stamped “clomephine 50 mg” on some inexpensive chalk tablets. On the other hand, why should one spend money on expensive packaging when it is the contents that counts?

Has anyone of you supplement takers received medicine this way? Is it normal for cheap medicine sellers to do this?

Damn, this does not feel right.

clomid is a cheap drug, why counterfeit it. there is not a lot of market for it , also if they were gonna rip you off why send anything?

I bought some clomid from and they just got here the other day. Its the real deal from mexico

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