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Can we talk about acne here?


Yes. Eliminate oil production and you essentially get rid of the acne (as long as you wash yourself and keep your pores clean). I had the cystic acne in the 11th grade, went on accutane, went OFF accutane, started getting laid, and had brad pitt skin for a year and a half. Eating things like nuts and greasy foods is very harmful for your skin if you have very oily skin, thus leading to severe cystic acne, the worst kind.

If you have cystic acne, I would suggest the ONLY thing to do, and the BEST thing to do, is accutane. Nothing compares.

Hey guys I think it was mentioned earlier but is a great place to go. It has done wonders for my skin. It takes time and dedication though like anything else. It takes 8 weeks to see results as it says. It’s basic Benzoyl Peroxide but in large amounts. If you follow his regimen on the website it will definitely have an effect. I use his product twice daily to keep my skin clear. I take about 15 minutes a day taking care of the skin on my face, about 30 when I first started. You can buy BP over the counter that will work just as well but his product is the best since it goes on relatively clear and doesn’t ball up. The regimen has become part of my routine now for over 2 years. I started with moderate acne (10 or so little pimples and about 2 big ones at all times) and am now pretty much completely acne free. Nothing noticeable from conversational distance, but usually nothing at all. Feel free to ask me questions if you like.

I had severe acne as a kid from 13 to around 17. 13-15 was the worst, my dad confided to me a few years later that he felt sorry for me some days having to go to school my face looked so bad. It left me with scarring which has disappeared over the years but to this day when I see an emo kid with bad skin I’ll smile as if to say “I know what your going through”.

Looking back it was just a ridiculously high amount of testoseterone (which I still have a high level to this day) and when it was at it’s worst I didn’t feel too self conscious, mainly in the latter stages when it started to die down.

I tried all kinds of lotions and potions, nothing worked. Then I got antibiotics (minocyclin and variants) which after around 8 weeks made a big difference. The problem was over the years I got so used to taking them I carried on until 2001. By this time they gave me one hell of an allergic reaction after all those years of accumualtion. (My body’s way of saying enough is enough).

I got severe panic attacks and depression, lasted for around 8 weeks. 8 weeks of hell thought I was going crazy. Of course I stopped taking them and all is well now but that little episode from those antibiotics makes this period of PE injury seem easy, it was that bad.

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As far as diet goes. From what I have read of course it is important but not to the extent that anything need to be completely cut out of ones diet. If you eat terrible all the time it will have an effect on your skin. But I don’t think you will go from acne to clear skin just by diet change. Also from what I have read about Accutane is that it has many side effects and can be damaging to the liver and other organs. It also cannot be taken for to long for this reason. Depending on how bad your acne is Accutane in my opinion should be avoided.

Also I would like to say that I also apply Jojoba Oil before I apply Benzoyl Peroxide. Many other people an do this as well although its not part of the regimen. I would recommend it because it can help with dryness. It is chemically very similar to your bodies natural sebum so it doesn’t clog your pores. Acne starts because pores collapse on themselves (for reasons yet to be fully understood) and the bacteria that is on every ones skin naturally festers inside the closed pore. Your body sends white blood cells (the gross puss crap) to take care of it and inflammation ensues. BP increase the turnover rate of skin and reduces collapse pores as well as kill bacteria.

Warning for anyone who uses it. It dyes fabrics and hair. If you use it put it on when you don’t have a shirt on and wait for it to dry and keep your face off of your clothes. I ruined shirts not being careful this way. I use a baseball cap (worn backwards) sometimes to keep it out of my hair.

Hey Damien, yeah I used that also back in the day (2000) it does work but your right, ruined a few of my shirts.

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