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I have been take this stuff called boomenergy. Its a sexual performance enhancer. Its like Viagra. I bought it from The stuff works very well for me. I can feel the effects in 15 minutes and it last several days. I can maintain a extremely firm erection for a very long time. You can buy 3 packs and just try it with out much risk. My wife now ask me to take the stuff all the time, which means she wants to have sex more often. It does not taste very good, but I can handle the taste knowing results are going to be great sex. I have no connection with the product. I heard about it while listening to a podcast from sexually improve website.

Good luck with it.

It doesn’t have anything unique in it. If you have not been experiencing any erection difficulties before using the product, it is possible you are just having a placebo effect from the mental image of wanting it to work.

Sounds like pretty good stuff for lots of $$$.
Astrgulus although an excellent tonic can cause lupus, don’t over do, follow instructions.
Panax gensing is great for woodies, I can raise your blood pressure, don’t overdo.
Arginine, one of my favorites peanut butter is loaded with it. Actually lowers blood pressure, blood sugar.

You can buy these substances at Wall-mart,K-mart, cheap!

I take 240mg of Ginko biloba per day.
1000mg of green tea.
Hawthorne 1500 per day.
Garlic pills 1500mg per day.
Cool cayenne 1200mg per day.
Arginine is in my whey protein stuff I don’t know how much.

The stuff works, so does the stuff you take. Good stuff. Even with the blood pressure raising ability of panax, the arginine should bring it into check.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I do feel a physical reaction after taking boomenergy. It’s definitely not in my head. I can feel my blood pressure raise and a slight headache. But it goes away after couple minutes or so. It is very expensive, but its worth it to me and my wife. Its about 4 dollars a package if you buy 12 for 58 dollars.


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