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Best protein for strength

Best protein for strength

I want to make sure I’m getting the most out of my weightroom sessions, so the right protein is essential. Even if it tastes really bad and costs a lot of money, I don’t care. I went to bulknutrition and realized that I am not informed enough to make a smart decision about what brand or even type of protein I should buy. I’m just looking to maximize power. Could anyone help me out? Much appreciated.

I think it’s best to go with milk (whey) and egg based protein. Stay away from soy based protein - too much estrogen.

Watch the label if you are worried about the carb content or calorie content as there is a lot of variation there.

I don’t know if it’s available where you live, but I use MLO Milk and Egg protein, low in carb and fat.

Whey gets into your blood fast, and Casein more slowly. Do casein at night and whey before and after workouts.

Avoid soy protein as there’s mixed data on that out there right now.

Other than that what MrAvg is right on the dot.

I personally get all of my protein from and I honestly feel it’s the best there is. Anyone here is welcome to use my discount code shw744 and save 5% on their order over there.


If any mods feel this post is out of line as far as soliciting go ahead and erase it and I’ll understand but I don’t make a penny from referring people to that site. I honestly feel it is the best stuff money can buy and I support that gentleman’s business just like I refer people to this website if the appropiate situation comes up.

The only dumb question, is the question not asked. Goals: 7" Long not bone pressed 6" Girth

Whey protein for during the day and post workout or however you mix it in. At night go with casein (milk protein) since it takes longer to digest.

Go to GNC and get some two-a-day or one-a-day multivitamins and protein pills.

Start drinking Whey Protein Shakes as well. If you want too, get Weight Gainer mix as well. But if you’re just getting used to Weight Gainer.. Prepare for you to be over the toilet quite often ;)


For Whey protein hit up Sams. 6lb EAS choc or vanilla for $18. For vitamins get them from Sams too. You can get like 300-400 for under $8.

If you want to gain weight get some heavy whipping cream from walmart. You can find the off-brand for VERY CHEAP. Put that in your shakes. I think each table spoon has like 100 calories or something crazy.

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