Like I said above, I honestly think that these pills weren’t the main reason for my quick gains. To me it was the pills AIDING in my penis enlargement and not the other way around. A word of advice…

There are lots of new pills and supplements coming out and I would strongly urge most of you, that is if you are looking for pills, to wait atleast 6 more months and just continue your penis enlargement regime.


Because the pills that are coming out now are constantly getting better as the new research comes in. The pills I took are far less superior than the ones that are coming out now. If you are the one who says, “Penis enlargement pills are poison, they don’t work, and you lose lots of money.”, you are like the doctor who says, “Penis enlargement exercises? Jelqs? You hang weights off your dick? What a joke!”.

The stuff we are getting on the market is junk that was actually discovered or researched a year or 2 ago. My guess will be that if you wait for a lil longer you will get a pill that outdoes all the others. But its your choice, laugh at me, call me a fool, but its the truth.

It's still not big enough!