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Has anybody considered starting or has started a anti depressant medication sice starting their PE careers.

I used to take St. Johns Wart from time to time before PE. You can open up the caps and put it in with lemon water and it isn’t that bad. I felt the effects sooner if I broke up the caps. It definitely takes the edge off but I worked up a tolerance to it pretty quickly.

I like the edge. I tried SJW once, and noticed the effects after the “loading period”.

Didn’t like not being edgy, so I stopped taking it.


Originally Posted by GlandMaster
Didn’t like not being edgy, so I stopped taking it.

Hmm. Have you noticed that people give you more “space” when you maintain that edginess?

I went from being called “spontaneous” when my wife and I were dating, to being “unpredictable” now that we’ve been married for umpteen years.

I’m still me. I recommended that SHE starting taking the St. John’s Wort she asked me to try.

"Debate the idea..."

Ssri’s kill your dick,libido,and fitness goals. They make you gain fat which increase estrogen, they decrease blood flow to the package, and you crave sex less(less intense girth session). The only positive benefits are: less anxiety and worry and you can last 3X as longer in the bed. I take Ritalin sometimes to up my mood but it gives me anxiety sometimes due to it being a stimulant, but it gives me a motivational sex drive for girth work. Serotonin drugs kill your dick, but dopamine drugs(Ritalin) does the opposite.

Started: Bpel 7 mseg 4.5

Current: Bpel 7.5 mseg 4.75

Goal: at least 8.5X6.5

Really? Ritalin (methylphenidate) is for all intents and purposes analogous to amphetamine, and from my experience with various illicit forms of amphetamine sex is the last thing on my mind, my dick shrivels up on the stuff (the dreaded “speed dick”).

Some anti-depressants, in particular the SRI-type, have been proven to cause ED, so taking anti-depressants can inhibit a person’s PE progress.

Honestly, I don’t think anyone needs to take medication for depression. A lot of times, a person’s depression is can be cured by getting more exercise, or by improving eating habits, or by a general change in attitude, or all three.

Originally Posted by disraeli
Really? Ritalin (methylphenidate) is for all intents and purposes analogous to amphetamine, and from my experience with various illicit forms of amphetamine sex is the last thing on my mind, my dick shrivels up on the stuff (the dreaded “speed dick”).

Ritalin is not an amphetamine. Adderal is an amphetamine which made me shrivel, strattera is another add drug which made me shrivel like I did alot of coke. Ritalin, like wellbutrin both increase dopamine and are given to patients to counteract the sexual sides from ssri’s. The only downside is it makes me nervous sometimes when I take it, but that goes away since Ritalin is a short actin drug.

Started: Bpel 7 mseg 4.5

Current: Bpel 7.5 mseg 4.75

Goal: at least 8.5X6.5

Don’t stop taking anti-depressants if you already are. No one wants to be around a sad sack of crap all the time. And being alone is really depressing. I’m taking Vyvanse (for adult ADD) and it seems to help with my depression as well.

The feet you step on today,maybe attached to the ass you kiss tomorrow.

I’ve been on anti-depressants twice in my life and had different experiences both times, sexually and otherwise. I will not be going on medication again if I can help it. I have dabbled in almost every contraband narcotic under the sun, and Lexapro is just about the most gnarly fucking drug I’ve ever used. I’m sure other people will feel differently, these drugs seem to have unique and varied effects depending on the individual, but for me the first week and a half of being on the drug was akin to coming down off a shitload of MDMA, with some bad acid thrown in for good measure. Coming down usually lasts a day or two at most, so these were hellish periods for me. I always found it amazing that the legal shit that the doctors and pharma companies try and push is that much more powerful than all the substances out there they can’t tax and therefore don’t want you to have. The hypocrisy of the pharmaceutical industry knows no bounds.

As far as side effects go, yeah you get fat on ‘em that’s for sure. I found my memory from the periods when I was on the medication to be rather sketchy. Sorta turns you into a zombie, albeit a chilled and fairly content zombie. Don’t expect to feel too much emotion though, the extremes disappear, which I hate as I feel the need these days to express positive and negative emotions as fully as possible(laughing/crying). Crying especially is not possible, you just simply won’t give enough of a shit, and if you’re in a fucked up enough place to need anti depressants in the first place a release like that is essential for catharsis.

Sexually I had opposite experiences the two times I was on anti-deps. The first course I took on ‘em lasted about 8 months, I was suicidal at the time and had hit rock bottom, and finally gave in to pressure from family to get help( I had been extremely anti anti-depressants for years, haha). After the initial shock of my system acclimatising to the drug, I became anorgasmic (unable to reach orgasm). It did not affect my ability to get an erection in the slightest which was great, I would still get rock hard like clockwork as always, but masturbation? Forget it. I could rub my dick raw for two hours and not come, and I tugged at a pace that threatened to send my cock back in time. Ever so slightly frustrating as you can imagine. Sex on the other hand was fine, more for the ladies than for me, when you can stay rock hard indefinitely and fuck like a jackhammer without coming you tend to get rave reviews, unfortunately sex gets boring after awhile when you can’t feel much. I love watching a partner orgasm though so that keeps your interest from flagging too much. Anyway after 8 months my life was picking up, yada yada yada, I had done at least six months as I had promised my GP I would so I gladly came off the Lex.

Not sure if this is related, quite possibly, but two months later I started experiencing ED for the first time in my life. I had just entered into a relationship with the love of my life, so the timing was especially bad and besides that ED is just mortifying in general. As owners of penises it should be every mans’ right to get a raging boner at the drop of a hat if he so desires, ED fucking sucks balls let me tell you. At this point I became acquainted with another little pill courtesy of my GP, my good friend cialis(hmmm, methinks me smells a conspiracy). Not sure what you pay for it in the states, but down here tadalafil is $70 for a measly four tablets, and generic is not available to my knowledge. My sex life became a little more expensive to say the least, and it is no fun having to rely on the pharmaceutical companies for a bit of the old in-out in-out. What is fun however is being able to just keep on fucking after you come. You may feel a little drained however after coming five times in one day, but the incredulous praise and worship you receive from your partner will make up for that.

Anyway, skip two years ahead and my relationship is breaking up for various reasons, mainly from extended periods of long distance. More miserable than ever before, suicidal ideation coming back like a motherfucker, I go to my GP a broken man and tell him “just give me the fucking drugs doc”. A week and a half of the worst drugfuckedness I have EVER felt (at the same time going insane from the break-up, DO NOT do this, learn from my mistake and just ride the shit out without medication). I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, couldn’t even cry about it cause of the fucking drugs. Once I was on the Lexapro again it was very different from the first time. Gone was the anorgasmia, I could ejaculate no problem, problem was I couldn’t get wood to save my life, which just served to fuck up my mental state even more. It is no fun masturbating then coming with a limp dick. This time I had gotten on the meds for the wrong reasons, my depression was purely situational (and I am descended from a long line of manic/depressive fucks so I know the difference). So I pulled myself back off the drugs and forced myself through the most miserable period of my life thus far sans medication, but at least I could sort of get a hard-on before I came (funny just how much that stuff fucks with your mental health)

So there ya go, I’ll never take anti-deps again. That’s just me, I don’t want to influence anyone to not take them for the wrong reasons, they were very beneficial for me the first time I was on them. I had fucked with the chemistry of my brain a fair bit in my teens and twenties, and this is where the SSRI’s come in handy, hopefully replenishing depleted supplies and capacity for serotonin and whatnot. And I know plenty of people who feel they need that added lift that the meds can bring to make it through the day, I’m just a stubborn cunt and detest the pharmaceutical industry and all it stands for on a bunch of levels so I refuse to be in their thrall again if I can help it. It still amazes me just how fucked up the legal medications are compared to the illegal kinds, and just how keen the doctors are to push it. At least the illegal shit is more fun and won’t fuck your dick up as much (you didn’t hear that from me though, ok?)

I’m taking l-trytophan at the moment. Haven’t noticed any sexual side effects yet, perhaps positive as it relaxes me and I’m using walking about angry, raging and moody as fuck which isnt good sexually except for raping haha.

If I take too much like 5 grams, (with juice vit c and b complex btw) I just start feeling all tingly, can’t move and fall asleep, like too much weed but without the sickness and paranoia. Just enough and I feel chilled and can easily fall asleep but It’s not good too take if you want to do anything, it’s good for sleeping or sitting and doing f all. Then again I’ve only tried it at night and apparently it effects you differently if you take it during the day as it converts to serotonin (feel good) more than melatonin (feel sleepy) whereas the opposite at night. So I’ve read?

5 grams sounds like an exorbitant amount, I was taking 20 mg tabs of lexapro when I was on it and that was bad enough. Just how much are you taking? 5 grams sounds like enough to fuck up a herd of elephants, that’s equivalent to 250 tablets of lexapro in one hit weight wise

You talking to me? L-tryptophan is just an amino acid. Technically you could take 20-30grams I guess, it’s recommended to take 2-5 g/week for first few weeks then maintanence of 500mg-2g per day. I only took 5g a few times by accident, spilt too much in cup. But, too much makes me feel bad actually, all tingly, hard to breath, can’t move but I fall asleep quick.

Fair enough, thought it was a drug you were taking

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