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Alternative to Ephedrine for Sexual Enhancement

Alternative to Ephedrine for Sexual Enhancement

OK, this should be in the supps section but newby rules and all that

My wife and I occasionally take a few tabs of ephedrine (15mg) if we plan on an all nighter, we absolutely love the stuff (especially the wife) as she gets wetter than an otters pocket and comes like a steam train from the slightest stimulation. The only prob is that if I take over 10mg, I have to down 50mg of Viagra otherwise it’s Mr floppy time..

Unfortunately, she has been recently diagnosed with mild depression due to the a family loss so she is not to keen on taking ephedrine as she is convinced it won’t help her recovery.

Are there any other supps out there that are readily available (or not so readily available :-) ) that can increase libido and bring back our 5 hour sessions??

I had thought about getting some Uprima (ED treatment which acts on the CBS rather than the erectile tissue) but this can cause headaches.

Weed is also out as we don’t smoke anymore and live next door to 5-0.

C’mon, can’t believe no one knows of any pre-session pills or potions, legal highs etc that gets the SO crazy..

Or you keeping the secrets from me because I’m a newb?



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