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Hey everyone is there anyone who has experienced major shrinkage and loss of bloodflow from adderall? I am not prescribed adderall but I take it for school because it helps me do very well. Today I noticed that I can’t get my penis up and I’m 18. My unit is pale and this is really frustrating because I would love to stay on Adderall but if this continues I can’t :(

Yep… amphetamines can do that! Nothing much you can do except stop the Adderall. What dose are you on? Taper by 5 mg every week until off… don’t stop abruptly or you’d probably get withdrawal symptoms. Might want to try Strattera instead.

Yup, that’s a normal effect.

Don’t take ADHD drugs if you don’t need them. No one knows the long-term side effects, and the historical track record for strong stimulants is not encouraging.

I heard of some people that got involved in a gangbang with one girl, and 2 of the guys were given free doses of adderrall before hand. When it came time to do the deed neither of them could perform at all and were both extremely embarrassed.

I’ve never taken any adderall, I try to avoid things that give me ED.

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I have a prescription for adderall. I usually take only 10 mg per day. I have noticed It’s a little harder to get it up, but not a problem when It comes time for business.

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It’s a common side effect, I find that it tends not to be so bad after you build up a ‘tolerance’

It also makes your sex drive go through the roof, what a combination :-(

Try and relax, stretch a bit and use a lot of heat to coax your unit back out

Too each their own I always say, but Adderall is the only medication I’ve taken that helps with premature ejaculation for me…

and I’ve tried many different anti-depressants……

And yes it does have a tendency to lower ones blood flow to the penis….

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It does make you want to fuck more, it makes you more aggressive… but it also makes it harder to get it harder.

Mix with cialis or something. I know how hard it is to operate without one’s ritalin or adderall

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