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A.d.d. drugs

A.d.d. drugs

Other than focus factor or ginko biloba.

What drugs are prescribed for a.d.d. Or for staying focused.

I have it but not bad.

But I’m about to go back to school and the difficulty meter just went up (alot).

Med school!!

I have a bad habit of overfocusing to make sure I stay focused, therefore causing me to daydream about how focused I am, fucked up aint it.

Anyways I want to make sure I’m right there with the professor all the way through.

Any good suggestions?

(Oh and don’t say I should know because I’m going to med school, because I havent done anything in this field yet)(It’s almost like the first day of school again)

Ritalin or Adderal are the common drugs prescribed for this.

Right this moment I am studying for my final exams (environmental engineering). I am using Ginkgo-Ginseng blend as well as Phosphatidylserine. When stress is peaking I go for Vinpocetine, an extract from Periwinkle ( vinca minor). I find it really does help, it’s like I get the “eye of the eagle”. Try it, I have recommended it to a few friends and most of them are convinced as well. It is said to enhance ATP production in the brain and help circulation ( no- I have not noticed it affecting my boner).

For the Ginkgo and PS I rely on common knowledge. Take those just to make sure. But that Vinpo is really worth a try. I would not use it all the time- just to cope with stressy periods.

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I recommend looking into Aderol/Adderall. I used to take it in high school, and it helped tremendously. I’m someone who doesn’t really need it, but I managed to get my hands on it from someone who was on it. What it does for the average person is amazing, which is why I had to stop before it got out of hand.

Btw. The best thing to do when in the process of studying and getting to a point your brain just can’t any more: motion- get some physical work done like jogging or the like. Personally I skip rope, just did it cause I felt my head getting slow and flow of thought getting more viscose- take a cold shower now and then I’ll continue to rock’n’roll.
Just don’t exaust yourself, it’s about making your system aware of the fact that it still has to function, about getting your blood flowing and floating your brain with some oxygen.

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Medications like Adderall, Concerta and Ritalin (these are all stimulants) will definitely help you to stay focused and concentrate.

I have ADHD and I was on Adderall, however I have also had drug issues in the past with cocaine and methanphetamines. So when I was put on Adderall, which is an amphetemine, sure it helped me to focus and stay on track, except with my history I’d take the whole month’s supply in a week!!! Not good!!

So if you have any type of issues with stimulants I would not recommend the stimulant side of ADD medications.

I am now taking Strattera (non-stimulant) and it helps me out alot.

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Sounds good. I’ll look into all those. (Not for all at once) :p

Thanks for the help.


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