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Has anyone tried this supplement for weight training. It is made by IDS, from what reviews I have read some people love it and some think it’s garbage. A lot say it is similar to 17-HD by Vyotech which I have taken, and personally loved it’s effects on my workout. So if anyone has taken it, or knows anything about it, I’d love to hear your experience.

It’s a plant sterol/sapogenin so I doubt it binds to the AR and in the unlikely chacne that it does it will have poor anabolic effects. I believe most of these sterols improve protein synthesis which is responsible for their anabolic effect. though quite mild. I personally would not bother with these types of products. You’re better off eating more protein and carbs pre and post workout along with leucine or na-rala which should potentiate the effects of insulin. This should increase protein synthesis in muscles and help you add more muscle mass.


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