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Unknown injury

Unknown injury


I was getting back into PE about a month ago and I decided to pluck (ouch) some of my pubic hairs on the base of my shaft. Now I’m not completely sure what happened but now after about a month I have a big blister looking thing at the base of my shaft.. It kind of looks like a mozzie bite after it has been scratched for a while. I’m not sure what to do about it because it doesn’t seem to be getting better.. In fact probably worse, is this an ingrown hair or something I should get checked out?

1st May 2007 - EL 5.11 inches, ie 13 cm

Most likely a hair, does it ever come to a head?

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Well just looks like a blister.. Do you mean that it’s just the hair growing under the skin and that’s why it’s getting bigger? If I were to try and pop it would this help?

1st May 2007 - EL 5.11 inches, ie 13 cm

Like dino9x7 says it’s an ingrown hair that is causing an inflammation reaction. Popping is painful and may not do any good. This might sound weird; scrubbing lightly with a loofa using soap, water and circular motions helps. Don’t try to scrub it raw. By the way you can get ingrown hairs from shaving as well so keep the loofa around.

Ok thanks ill keep you posted to see if it goes away. Thanks heaps :)

1st May 2007 - EL 5.11 inches, ie 13 cm

Yeah it’s still there, I didn’t really know how that loofa thing works.. So I got out some needles n tried to pop it.. It bled a little but there is still definitely something there like you can feel something when you squeeze it, I don’t know what to do because it has healed but is still there.

1st May 2007 - EL 5.11 inches, ie 13 cm

Superdrive - What came out (other than blood) when you popped it? Was it a clear fluid or something either milky or cheesy? Is there a viable hair trapped under the skin in this bump? The reason I ask is that though it could still possibly be an ingrown hair, the duration and the continued mass suggests it could be a sebaceous cyst. It is a benign mass filled with a fatty material. They generally are more bothersome than a problem. They grow very slowly. I had one on my penis about 30 years ago and a doctor removed it when it became very irritated, inflamed and painful.

Take a loofa or a soft brush and with soap and water, wash the area with circular motions. If it is a ingrown hair, it will resolve over time. If it does not, go see a doc and see what he or she thinks.

Um well the first time I tried to pop it a kind of yellowish pus came out, however this time there was only a little blood and I tried to pop it but nothing happened so I gave up. I’m thinking of going to a doctor but I don’t know how to find a penis doctor.. I looked in the phone book and online but I didn’t really know where to look.. I don’t really want to go to my normal GP so what should I do? I tried with the loo fa for a while and nothing happened.

1st May 2007 - EL 5.11 inches, ie 13 cm

You don’t need to initially see an urologist (‘penis doc’) for this problem. The doc I saw so many years ago (in the stone age) was a GP.

If the fluid that came out was not foul smelling and the bump is not red or have an inflamed red ring around it, it is more and more likely to be something other than an ingrown hair follicle. In my mind it still could be a sebaceous cyst.

If your GP can’t handle it, he or she can refer you to an urologist.

Good luck.

I don’t know, I’m kind of nervous to see the family doctor because she has been my doctor my whole life and probibily will remain to be.. I just want to be rid of this thing because I think I’m going to be sexually active really soon and I don’t want this chick to this I have an STI or something.

1st May 2007 - EL 5.11 inches, ie 13 cm

A sebaceous cyst is not an STD.

If you are uncomfortable, call her office and ask her receptionist for the name of the urologist to whom she refers her patients. Then you can call and make an appointment yourself and she’ll be none the wiser.

Ok ill give that a try, thanks so much. Ill keep you posted as to what it is :)

1st May 2007 - EL 5.11 inches, ie 13 cm

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