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Trying to find some more people with this condition

Trying to find some more people with this condition

Found some a long time ago but forgot thier names and dont know if they are still lurking around. Anyways I have heard a lot of things, first off I think I have a nerve related problem from applying to much pressure. My symptoms have been a decrease almost a numbness in sertain patches of skin mainly along parts of the sides and top of the shaft. Had it before and regained about 60% afterr 4 months and did it again. still get hard ons all the time and can get off just as fast masturbating so basically no ED whatsoever. Might be something effecting nerve function somehow. But the skin has lost a lot of sensativity and maybe some inside the dick but I never paid attention to that so I dont know what it was to begin with. Seems to be different symptoms than in the usual nerve damage posts. Just looking for theories and people who have encountered this problem to post what went when it happened to them.

joe seven,

Sounds familiar… I had a problem with numbness on the discoloured patches of my shaft but it has gone away now that I have not jelqed for over a month. It affected me in the same areas and I am sure that intense dry jelqing was the cause of this problem. Now I wish the F^%#&*! discolouration would disappear!

If you are losing sensation anywhere along your shaft you had better take it seriously. You may end up with permanent damage and/or incur more sensation loss in additional areas if you continue your routine.

It takes a while for nerves to heal so time away from PE is the cure for you as it was for me. You may need only a couple of weeks to regain proper sensation so give it a try. Also try applying moist heat to the affected areas as it seemed to help in my case.

Hope it clears up,



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