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Think I over did it

Think I over did it

I have been jelqing for 2 months and bought a penis pump to speed things along. I jelq for about an hour and pump for 30 - 60 mins. I got a lump and seemed to have busted a blood vessel and my dick is bruised especially in on spot which looks like I have been bitten. Am I overdoing it and should I wait until my bruise is gone or keep going. It doesn’t hurt but I don’t want this ugly bruise on my dick

It sounds like you abused your dick. Quit that!!! You only get one of them, take care of it. This is the standing joke around here, but repeat after me, “I have one penis, I will not hurt it” repeat 50 to 100 times daily.

I want you to stop doing everything (except kegels, they won’t hurt your dick) for at least a couple of weeks. I’m sure one of the other fellas will chime in with their opinion on how long of break you might need to take.

Next, I want you to go read the Positive and Negative Physical indicator thread, the link is in my favorites. Thirdly, I want you to remember this isn’t a freaking sprint, its a marathon, it takes time. And when you or any other guy says, “I got this to speed things up”, an injury is right around the corner. There are no short cuts, pumping is fine, but like everything else around here has to be done safely, and the owner of the penis has to listen to his body.

Take a break, let things heal, read while taking your break.

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