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Sensitivity thread


But what is a big dick without the good sensitivity?that is a damaged penis that doesn’t really work.that sucks my friend.hehe.that’s just what I think.I think a girl prefers a man with a functional dick that has perfect erections always and has all the sensitivity so she can satisfie you too.

THe same goes for girls, they also want to give a man alot of pleasure.or else they don’t get satisfied that easy maybe, a girl likes to feel special my friend(-;

So a big dick in bad condition isn’t good for anyone actually, that’s my opinion.

And a big dick shouldn’t be the most important thing in a life man.if it is then that man has a biiig problem, there are many things that are more important, having a big dick just makes life a little easier and better maybe.BUT IT’S NOT ALL.seriously

Thank you thunderSS

Glans, loss of sensation.

Hi, I’m a dumbass. I think I was tugging on my penis too hard upwards. And I noticed I lost sensation in my glans, for the most part on the top of my glans. After a week of shocking it with cold and hot water and having hot baths. The feeling finally came back. Yet I was dumb again and was pulling on it again, now it has no feeling again. I hope I didn’t fuck it up for sure this time. It’s now about a week, still not there yet. Once I get the feeling back, I’m never doing it again. Ever. Anyone ever had this happen?

Yes—once from hanging a set too long with my old Captain’s wnech (which is a squeezing-type hanger). I was numb in the glans for about a week. The nerve endings regenerate, so it’s no worry, but it wasn’t fun, and I was doing stealth pe in a relationship at the time, and sex was really strange and not nearly as much fun.

There is a dorsal nerve along the top of the penis that is fairly shallow near the glans. You’re probably compressing it too long and too repeatedly with whatever grip you’re using. Try varying your grip and not holding the pulls for as long.

I’ve been hanging with the vacuum hanger for a while now, which has eliminated this as a potential problem.

Rock out with your cock out!

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Did you ask the uro about this during your visit yesterday?

Nah I didn’t, because I’ve had this happen before and noticed it went away. I’ll wait this one out, then call in a week if it doesn’t go away.

It’s now been over a week, I hope it comes back, my god.

Damnit I was about to ask refresh9 if sensation came back to his glans and noticed he’s an ex member. I’m not sure what caused my loss of sensation but I’m getting scared I might never regain it. I can feel it when I touch it, but it doesn’t feel good in a sexual way.

The only way I can cum from a blowjob is if I thrust in her mouth. Otherwise there’s no chance I’m getting anywhere near to cumming.

The possible causes are:
-Jelqing the wrong way
-Stretching too close to the glans
-Glans exercises (Sadsak and HJ jelqs)
-Topical Iodine on shaft and glans
-Fowfers (surprised to see fluid buildup after)

A little over a month before I first noticed the loss of sensation, I started getting fluid buildups on the shaft and on the glans. Not too much fluid buildup but enough that it took a few hours to totally subside. I took almost three weeks off before starting PE again; sensation didn’t get better in those three weeks off. Can someone who might have gone through the same situation please reassure me if possible at all?

PE is a new science by manner of speaking so most doctors won’t recommend but here in thunders we got all kinds of people sharing there experience we also have the PI’s thread and might help prevent an injury and don’t forget about the post warning that people might have an valve disfunction and injury themselves in a week of PE, most likely this 19 year boy broke his toy by doing too much or too hard, a beginner should always start slowly and warm up.

Start BPEL 5.5 EG 5.2 09-20-2011

GOAL 7x6 - on a 5'5 guy it will look huge

skcail I already know about those and I’m not a beginner.

Originally Posted by Bruna
Skcail I already know about those and I’m not a beginner.

Sorry buddy I was answering the thread, it was not aimed to you but to Alexandro19

Start BPEL 5.5 EG 5.2 09-20-2011

GOAL 7x6 - on a 5'5 guy it will look huge

I once lost all sensation in my fore head due to using a noose type extender, took me almost 2 months before the feeling came back, give it time or see a professional as there are no guarantees.

Thanks V. I rather wait it out. Did you stop PE altogether for those 2 months?


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