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Sebaceous Prominence Spot has turned reddish and aches

Sebaceous Prominence Spot has turned reddish and aches

Sebaceous prominence are those little white spots on the ball and lower dick sometimes all over a dick in some cases. I don’t have it very badly. Mostly right at the base and a couple higher up. Well one of the higher ones, when they get big you can like squeeze out the stuff inside and I usually do that. Anyway one of them has gotten quite abit bigger and turned reddish, I’m not sure if it’s a PE related injury or not but well. I tried squeezing it as hard as possible to release whatever is inside but didn’t work. So should I just leave it or try and get a needle then squeeze it out? Oh and if anyone has had sebaceous prominence and knows a way to get rid of it that would help too. From Wikipedia it says quite a huge percentage of people have it not that I’ve seen it in any of the members pictures.

I think I’ve had those on my balls before. Can’t remember what I did to get rid of them, I think I stop scratching my balls or randomly touching them.

Clamping was a bad idea, Spot just turned purple now. No more PE except stretching for me until it goes away.


I think it’s an ingrown hair, it looks abit like this except obviously because it’s further up the shaft and in a sebaceous pore the hair is invisible basically. Would it just go on it’s own? I burst it alittle yesterday and slight yellow color water came out but it’s still quite full and abit less painful today.

Personally I’d pop it, get all the stuff out and put some antiseptic on.

Yup I did pop it a few days ago. Right now it’s decreased in size and doesn’t hurt, when I pinch it I can feel a lump their still and on the outside it looks abit dry. I think it’s healing and should be back to normal within a week now. So I’m no longer worried.

Ahhh every time I did abit of a squeeze for awhile It turns really dark purple. Do you think it’s more of a serious problem then? I think it’s blood that gets trapped inside of the lump or something.

This is the same problem that I have. I am just ignoring it for now.

Once you’ve got all the gunk out all that’s left is swelling or the body taking care of any residual infection/healing the hole where the infection was. If the gunks out and no more is coming out leave it totally alone for a couple days except perhaps for applying some more antiseptic/washing it whatever. If you continue to aggrivate it you might get another infection in the same place which would only be more painful.


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