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Regrowing new blood arteries

Regrowing new blood arteries

Since I have greatly damaged my unit from erect jelqing (lost length and girth, head size, and ability to control orgasm), I believe all problems are due to lack of blood flow. I can feel one vein is irregular and might be thrombosed, but I am thinking that many blood vessels were outright crushed or broken, especially at the base.

Is there any way one can “regrow” new veins or arteries? I was under the impression that PE promotes better blood flow, however, if one’s unit is damaged, is there anything one can do to “fix” said situation?

I have seen a urologist and he told me that there was nothing wrong with me.

I’m only 22 and I’m not suicidal or anything, but not being able to use my penis properly and having damaged it have mentally messed me up. I’m petrified of sex and this is affecting relationships. I’m not sure if I should still have hope or if I should learn to live with my condition.

I would think that if you were able to exercise moderation you could begin to restore what you have lost.

The problem is, you have reached your current status apparently due to your lack of ability to control your enthusiasm and also not being able to stop yourself when damage was occurring.

So it is really up to you and your commitment to stay in control and not go overboard.

I would think that exercises that promote blood flow would be the best such as jelqing and pumping, but you must begin as the ultimate newbie and take it easy. The mindset I would take would be not to grow, but to rebuild and therefore the policy is no damage allowed.

Is it ok to jelq despite a thrombosed vein? The doctor said that he didn’t think I had one, but I feel a tough dorsal vein, so I think he might be wrong.

I am no expert on thrombosed veins, but a thrombosed vein is a blocked vein and jelqing or massaging it just might work to help free things up. I would also make sure to include hot wraps before and after as the heat tends to loosen things up and stimulate blood flow.

I would hope the doctor knows what he is talking about though.

Originally Posted by mgoblow55555
Is it ok to jelq despite a thrombosed vein? The doctor said that he didn’t think I had one, but I feel a tough dorsal vein, so I think he might be wrong.

If you have doubts, maybe see another doctor.

I also think you should do your best not to psyche yourself out.
If you walk around thinking “I crippled. I’ll never be the same.” you will undoubtedly take longer to recover and screw up your relationships.

You hurt yourself. It’s nature’s way of giving you a time out. So relax a little. Be kind to your cock.
If you really think you have a problem get a second opinion, but if that doc agrees that there is no problem believe him and just rest for several weeks.

The human body is pretty amazing. Focus your energy on healing yourself and you will.

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