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Red spots

Red spots

I have been doing the newbie routine (with some slight changes) for about a month and a half now and hadn’t had any ‘injuries’ yet. Last night i did some manual stetches for about 15 minutes then grabbed some lube and did jelq’s while laying in bed before i went to sleep. Today I woke up and had 2 small spots on the top side of my penis just below the glans. Today is my day off so I think im going to wait until the spots go away to jelq again. Is stretching still ok with red spots or should I just wait until the spots go away?

It would be advised to take 1 or 2 days off. But me personally, I still do my routine anyway.

Im taking 2 days off then just going to stretch my 1st day back. Ill get back into jelqing after they fade.

If these spots are about very small they are burst capillaries. There is no real need to be concerned, if you take a day or two off just because of these expect to see them again.

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