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Raised Purple Dots: How do you heal them?

Raised Purple Dots: How do you heal them?

Alright guys, I’ve taken 2 weeks off and have searched quite a bit on Thunders to try to find the solution to my problem. Aggressive squeezes while clamping produced raised purple dots on my shaft (about 10 that look like freckles). A couple of things to note: I did not warm down nor massage and I also used a vita k cream at night. The cream lightened my entire shaft, which is a plus, but did not heal the dots.

In the morning the raised dots are no longer raised, but are like dark looking freckles. I’ve noticed a lot of people have posted with the same problem but there has been no real consensus on how to get rid of these (ignoring peeling).

A good way to look at this is, the dots fill up with blood after each workout and become dark purple and raised. In the a.m. they are no longer raised and do not appear filled up with blood (almost like dried blood is left). If everyone that has had experience with this could reply, that’d be great. Thanks guys!

Edit: Reading some posts on other forums make it seem like it would need laser surgery to remove these?

If you take a long enough break they will fade on their own.

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Time heals all wounds.

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Originally Posted by Gimli

Time heals all wounds.

Great! Then my penis will grow back even after that horrible meat-grinder incident…

What kind of time are you guys thinking? I’ve searched and read numerous times, not many being over 3 weeks. I’m not quite sure how the “old blood” gets out of the capilaries.

I’d also like to hear some other opinions, such as people using heat and massaging the broken capillaries.

Healing is different for everybody. People recover at different rates from injury.

So the general timeline that YOU need to follow is this: rest and watch it recover for as long as it takes.

Applying heat and possibly massaging the area may help (by massaging I don’t mean wanking, keep the blood flow to its normal state).

EJ, I actually started just now with a heat pad and massaging. I will continue edging throughout the day and if I don’t see changes within 2 weeks from now, I guess I should get worried or just continue PE’ing/not worry about the spots. Any other input from others that have had the same experience?

I get these all the time. Just apply heat (I like washcloths and rice socks. Heat pad sucks) and maybe do some very light massaging in the shower. I wouldn’t fuck around with edging too much either, but that’s just me.

They should clear up in a few days and it sounds as though they’re receding already. Report back in a few days, soldier.

Yeah just do stretches or just lay off completely for awhile and keep at it with the heat, I’ve seen dozens of these threads, and every time someone freaks out.

Thanks for moving this to the Injury Forum. I wasn’t sure at the time if it were better suited for the main member forum.

With that said, I guess my recent edging hasen’t helped; however, I don’t see how they can still be here after 2 weeks :/. They are now a lighter brown, so I will be doing heat/massage for another week to see how that turns out. I have a feeling I may have created some permanent discoloration, although it would not make any sense as to why the blood wouldn’t dissipate from the capillaries

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