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Problems - Need help guys. Thank you.

Problems - Need help guys. Thank you.

This isn’t exactly PE related (well it may be but I think it’s a mental issue), but I am having problems getting it up by myself for the first time in my life. Here’s what happened:

On Friday I was doing my normal warm water pump session that I have been doing since April - 12 mins at 3-4 Hg. I was watching porn and was very erect - I felt a sting towards the top of my penis but didn’t really think much of it since I have felt that before once or twice when I am that erect in the tube. Anyways I stopped and jelqed for a few minutes as I usually do.

Then later, I was taking a piss, but I wasn’t looking at my penis and I had forgotten to take off the piece of paper tape from on top of my urethra (I use it there to prevent blisters with my silicone cup). As soon as I started the stream, it stung kinda bad (sort sort of like the feeling you get when you pee and you are very dehydrated) and then my urine started spraying out the side of the tape. I immediately held my stream, removed the tape, and peed. No pain or anything after that.

The next day I decided to take a rest since I though I had given my penis enough.

The day after that I went back to my pumping - was able to get pretty erect 80-90% or so, but the erection had subsided by the time I got the tube on (this happens occasionally, but hasn’t happened in a couple weeks). So I was about 60-70% once I hooked up the pump, and I was 1/4 - 1/2 inch less erect this time when I was in the tube at 3-4 Hg. I quit early and did some jelqs.

So now I was a little worried, but nothing serious. It was on my mind though and I was worried I had injured myself. The next day, yesterday, I couldn’t become more than 50-60% erect when trying to get hard for my pump session. I almost had a panic attack, and then I tried to force myself to climax and get fully erect by watching porn. This only resulted in me climaxing at 60% or so - my dick felt floppy when I was climaxing. I don’t think that has ever happened to me before.

So all day yesterday I was extremely worried. Felt sick to my stomach. And to make things worse, I have anxiety issues - sometimes pretty bad, but I don’t take any medication for them. I was barely able to sleep last night, and thought I was going to have a panic attack (even though I’ve never had one).

Today I tried looking at porn just to force myself to get erect, but I wasn’t able to get erect at all. Didn’t feel turned on in the slightest. I have been shriveled today - the way I get when I am very nervous.

I am almost positive this is a mental thing, and I have psyched myself out so bad that I can’t become turned on or erect. How do I fix this guys? Would viagra help? I was freaking out so bad earlier that I made an appointment with the psychiatrist tomorrow.

I have also been stressed from work lately. My girlfriend is here and we didn’t hook up all week because I really wasn’t interested. I usually get hard for her very easily, but last night when I was lying next to her I felt extremely nervous, shriveled, and completely unaroused.

Please help guys, I know I can fix this, I just don’t know exactly what to do . I have always been able to get erect to porn, but today was the first time in my life where I felt absolutely no blood rush to my penis when I turned the porn on. I was just too nervous.

Oh another thing to add, is that I used to have problems getting it up with any girl that I was hooking up with for the first time. My anxiety issues were always that bad.

I also have been watching porn at least once a day this year for my PE sessions - could I possibly have become desensitized in a day? And now I am just too anxious to get an erection?

This is just a guess, but maybe you over-trained and then the results of the over-training caused you to develop some anxieties which are now futher complicating things? I’m no medical expert so don’t think I know what I’m talking about. I don’t. I also usually don’t get an erection from watching porn or imagining scenarios in my head. I get erect easily enough from manual stimulation though.

I’ve had the same problem and let me enlighten you on a bit.

First of all, I believe everything you are describing is 100% psychological (Well, maybe 5% percent physical). Anyways, I share the same difficulties with you (I.E. Getting it up when I hook up with a new girl).

Trust me, when that trend start repeating over and over again, I freaked. I went on a frenzy of google searches, anonymous doctor emails, and even visiting my library for some stealth reading on erectile dysfunction. But then one day, I read an interesting article (I apologize, I can’t find it anymore) about how most of our “precieved” ED problems are psychological.

Let me explain more clearly:

Lets say you’re nailing a chick. She going good at first, but then you start to wonder if your penis is hard enough for her pleasure. You look down and start to cast doubt on yourself. At this point, you are drawing yourself into a vicious circle because, one way or another, you will go limp.

As for your case, I would just recommend to just pass over this problem as if it is nothing. However, based on your routine I recommend you take like a 2 to 3 day break. Overworking your penis, puts you at a bad position.

Good luck!

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Originally Posted by shortshorts
Today I tried looking at porn just to force myself to get erect, but I wasn’t able to get erect at all. Didn’t feel turned on in the slightest. I have been shriveled today - the way I get when I am very nervous.

I am almost positive this is a mental thing

Have you ever tried to “force yourself” to go to sleep? And then you find you can’t go to sleep at all?

Doesn’t work very well.

I think you are experiencing something similar.

Sounds like you have a huge case of nerves and you are psyching yourself out. Just relax, things are probably going to be just fine.

Agree with the last posts. This is 95 percent anxiety and 5 percent overworked dick. I’ve had the same first chick limp dick problems in the past too. Take a few days off and all will be well. If you want a boner at the slightest touch viagra and cialis will do it. It can help when you are panicked about sex the first time. Just don’t use it all the time but it will relax you knowing that you will get a boner if the breeze hits your shorts.

Thank you guys. So I went to get some homeopathic anti-anxiety medicine today. And I told my girlfriend about the problem (didn’t mention PE, I told her I had injured my dick while peeing by accidentally blocking my urethra with my thumb).

Anyways, she was very understanding. We went out to diner tonight and all I could think about was my issue - these last two days have been some of the worst of my life.

But tonight she rubbed it and it got a little hard, so then we hooked up for a little while and I stayed hard long enough to at least set my mind at ease. I wasn’t the sex-hungry guy that I usually am, and I didn’t climax - partly because I was doing what Onephatfob mentioned in his post.

But at least I am feeling much much better now. I never thought that today, after trying to watch porn and being completely limp, that I would be able to get it up with my girlfriend, but for some reason I was able to. Thank God. And thank you all for the support.

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