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Penile Cysts

Penile Cysts

Hi Guys: Remember when I mentioned to you that I had 2 BB-like bumps on the underside of my shaft? Went to the dermotolgist and he thot they might be inverted hairs, or possibly cysts - so he took a syringe to them. They went down, but after some heavy, prolonged sex Fourth of July weekend, they reappeared, larger and more painful.

So Iwent to my urologist and he diagnosed sab. cysts, which were surgically removed last Tuesday. I thot I was just gonna run into the outpatient clinic, get a shot in the little pecker, cut, sew and out I’d go. Wellll, they put me slam under with about 4 peole in the OR - just what I needed, an audience looking at the little guy. An hour in recovery and then my son drove me home. I’ve yet to take the first pain pill, however, so that’s good. Only have a slight sensation in my dick when I get in/out of the car as my stitches (7 of them) stretch when I stretch. All in all, not a big deal (nor was the surgery).

Went for my follow-up yesterday and the Dick Doc says I’m healing fine, but no sex or jacking for 3 weeks - UGH. Great-ass timing in that my wife and I leave for the Cote D’ Azur for 2 weeks this coming Sunday. Man!!!!!

And, yes, I DID ask the Doc to shoot in about 8” of gel while he had me dick split apart - but no cigar there, guys.

Problem is, they don’t know what caused this. I’vce always thot it was from an hour-long jelqing session I did, but that’s just a guess, since this appeared the day after the session.

Hope this helps any of you who may come up with this problem.



Most unfortunate timing for sure. Make sure you enjoy all the other aspects of Cote d’Azur while you’re there though. You have my best wishes for a fast, full recovery!!


**Stay Active, Stay Healthy, Stay Pumped!**

Thanks very much Trance

My son leaves tomorrow to go back to Dallas - goes to Southern Methodist U. That’s one hot (as in temperature) town. Yes, I plan to take full advantage of the beach sites and lack of clothing the ladies may be not wearing.


Glenn Delta

Have fun Glenn!


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