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Partial tear in frenulum



Take a break mate, its not worth it in the long run, once it is healed, you will be able to continue, if you don`t, you may suffer the consequences, and thats not good….

Gettin Bigger

Thanx, guys.

I WILL take a break, don’t worry!
BUT, not for longer than I have to..

I try to see it this way; I’m gonna PE for a loooong time,
so a few weeks off is no problem, in fact, I’ve been PE’ing
since january, with not many days off, so I guess we both need a little break..

Take care..


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I am cut, but think my frenulum is TOO TIGHT and causing a slight downward bend in my unit when I am erect. I have read that this can happen. And I am thinking of getting surgery to cut and re-sew the frenulum so it’s looser. Interesting reading the above.

you do KNOW that the frenulum has major nerves in dont you?

its not something you should want to cut or tear.

just stretch your skin. over time it`ll grow and ease up the tightness on your frenulum.

My frenulum used to be really tight. In fact I remember when I was scared of getting a hard on with the foreskin retracted because it wasn’t big enough to go over the head properly. Perhaps I should have been a circucision case(?) I don’t know.

Anyway, with light daily stretching (years before I’d heard of PE) it gradually got easier until at some point it must have stopped being an issue enough to continue. It’s still pretty tight even today, but I can do whatever I want with it. The only proviso I would make if that if I thought sex was going to be really rough then I wouldn’t have it retracted since it is quite white when pulled back.

There are some sensitive nerves in it, but they’re peripheral nerves meaning they can regrow/regenerate themselves after sometime.

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I hope you heal well.

Do NOT be afraid to take an extended break from PE. You won’t lose as much as you think and it comes back quickly…if you do more damage and get even worse problems, you’ll kick yourself for not having backed off when you could have.



I had Partial tear in frenulum last year(on november 2003) too, after same Horse440( I don´t do Horse440 anymore, but I can do hardcore ULI), It hurt as hell. I have also blood on my cock after same hardore sex with tight dry pussy. So I went to a doctor, he wanted to do a small surgery on my cock. I said hell no!!! I started to search on alternatives and I came out with Vitamin E cream and Aloe Vera. My cock healed in 3 weeks. When I feel same pain I use creams and it heals 4x faster.

I still have two micro tear in frenulum but my frenulum adapted to the daily stress and the skin there is thicker harder. I dind’t need to use the the E cream or Aloe Vera for the last 6 mouths.


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