Pain In Right Side Of The Shaft

Hey everybody, I used to be real active here awhile ago, I haven’t had the time or privacy for any sessions for a few years now but I like the pump in the shower maybe once a week sometimes more. I used to pump and do 20 minutes back to back. I at first did this as a maintenance type of thing.

The inside of shaft on the right hurts. Last night I was jerking off and just had to stop it feels like there’s a vein or something inside that really hurts. I was touching the right side to figure out what it is and it hurts to touch it too.

Obviously I need a break and will take however long I need to heal it but I’m just having a little anxiety attack thinking I really messed something up or that it’ll never be be same… I definitely couldn’t do a jelq routine right now because it would hurt…. any help is much appreciated.

Gaining in progress...