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Nerve damage from clamping


Capernicus, thanks I’m doing edging and some light massaging but will alternate with a few days of complete absent of touching my dick. I will also be buying some supplements monday. I will also use IR heat unless someone has a good reason for me not to be using it.

Mushroom, I dont think amount of time in clamp had anything to do with it. I used a hose clamp with some wrap but I believe I tightened too tight. I felt some sharp yet slight and short pains as I tightened. Didnt think much of it and after 10 min or so I took the clamp off and the whole penis was numb, and it didnt recover quickly. So yea, let it be a warning to everyone.


Don’t stress it the body as a whole has a unique way of fixing itself, all it requires is time. I hurt my unit pretty bad using a noose type of extender, it became shorter, numb, hard, almost a feeling like it was dead with no morning wood for 2- 3 months almost but it did turn out fine in the end.

That must’ve scared the hell out of you.

Did you do anything to actively help the process in that period? Did you take any supplements, did you do any edging or did you abstain from every kind of masturbation, did you do any soft massaging, used heat/no heat? etc. Thanks.

Hey pillars, I’ve got a numbness from an injury that’s almost 3 months old. I think I got it from an extender. About a month ago it was getting a lot better so I started to do some jelqing again for EQ. Was a big mistake because I got a strange sensation during it and then numbness again now. The moral of the story in my case was no PE for many months if you ever get a nerve injury.

I was curious how you have been coming along. Do you have most of your sensation back yet?


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