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Jelqing has destroyed my life A warning.

Ye it was stupid of me. He did examine my penis though. He also told me to go see another doctor if these tabs don’t fix it. My guess was he didn’t specialize in Sexual problems.

Without knowing the cause he just guessed. Not good for you. If you’re concerned about an injury tell the guy the truth or don’t waste his time.

Wow. I didn’t know this would make a difference. I will be honest in next appointment.

It makes an enormous difference.

The “anti-lawsuit warrior” on a profit orientated forum is back to his usual tricks-

Recovery Story Specifics

My depression kicked in yesterday. I have stayed away from porn and masturbation, I need to ask is it right to do that? I hope I am not making it worse. Another reason is more of psychological, I am scared if I watch I won’t be able to get it erect.

Since the day I injured it, I see a line near base of penis (red line in figure). When I move the skin forward or backward, the line stays at the same spot with respect to penis.

I have got 4 morning woods so far. I noticed 2 lines along penis length (blue line in figure) which start from base of penis extend towards head but diverge sideway. They feel hard to touch. Thank you, any opinion is appreciated. Once I get hand on better camera I will post pic to avoid any confusion.


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