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Is there anyway to fix this.

Is there anyway to fix this.

WARNING: There is a picture of a cock attached so if you don’t want to see it don’t Click

See attached image for picture of problem:

Is there a way to fix the skin between the head of the cock and the shaft (the circled part). The skin isn’t smooth and seems broken. Does anyone know any ointments or any other methods that can make the skin completely smooth again?


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I use olive oil for all my dry skin problems. Not too oily and it actually goes into your skin.

Vitamin E oil works well, what are you jelqing with?

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I’m not sure where somewhere is but i the UK we can get some ointment called Aqueous Cream,

Which contains things like: White soft Paraffin ; Cetostearyl alcohol, Liuid paraffin, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate , and Purified Water. with a preservative Phenoxyethanol.

It is a standard BP (British : Pharmacy….) formula It is a moisturising cream for soothing dry skin all over the body. I don’t know if Somewhere Chemists supply it; but it is a simple formula and is for use all over the body. Strangely I bought some today, and 500g cost £2.40.Which is far better value than most of the other things in a tube,. and has no smell.

Hope that helps.

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