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Since I can not yet post in the injury part of the forum, I thought that I could ask here, hope this is ok. I started PE 2 months ago, but maybe 2 weeks ago now, I got a lot of small red spots on the penis head, there are under the foreskin as well. I do not think it is the same thing as is described in so many other threads and in the injury forum, because when seeing pictures they seem to have bigger spots and much less of them. For me it is more of them, but they are smaller, the area where they are is red also, it covers just the top part of the head. I thought that maybe it will go away after a couple of days, but has been there for maybe two weeks now, I don’t think there has been any change in severity, but hard to tell. Anyone know what to do about this ?

Thank you

Hi asdc

this is usually a sign that you are overdoing the exercises (using too much force) - the spots should go away by themselves provided you stop mistreating your unit. Have you stopped following your routine to allow time to heal? When in doubt go to the doc to have it checked if the spots do not disappear after one - two weeks of NOT jelqing (or whatever it is that you do). If you’ve been applying excessive force it’s possible that burst capillaries will need more time to heal.

To sum it up - treat your unit gently - it’s not a race - less is often more.

Thank you for the answer, yes I stopped as soon as I noticed this, but they still haven’t disappeared after two weeks. But I do not think I have been applying excessive force, I had one day on, one day off. But will probably wait a bit more to go do the doc, think it’s pretty embarrassing. Thanks

Don’t be embarrassed - docs see all kinds of things - a couple spots on your unit won’t phase them! Guaranteed. If it’s not gotten any better I recommend you go see one - you’ve only got one penis, you know.

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