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I decided to pop this in to get the ball rolling so to speak. I know no-one is particularly interested in my thrombosed vein. Which is nearly totally healed - its just still there every bloody morning.

AAAAArgh. This better clear up soon as it is killing me. On the down side i have been trying aspirin, ibuprofen, warm massages, vitamin e, heat pad. Nothing has seemed to work as it seems to be clearing up in about the time the doc said it would naturally anyway. S i suppose the only advice i can give is to leave it alone and wait. Oh yeah, and don’t have sex (or at least keep it fairly calm) as that definately didn’t help matters…..

So here’s my idea.

I think everyone else should stop pe’ing until i can resume as well.

No seriously, hear me out here guys……guys…….hey…come back here……..hey!…………

See Ya,




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