Free Balling Injury

1) Six days a week I go on a broken terrain hike. All told I cover 6-8 miles with altitude changes of better than +1,000’ and -1,000’ by the time I am done. Average altitude of 7,500’ and extremely rough, rocky terrain. I wear very heavy, sturdy, 10” boots, both for protection and to add weight to my feet.

2) I have decided to revive my active PEing and go for 8”s. Over the last week or so I have been pulling on my dick for about 20-25 minutes every day interspersed with about 5-10 minutes of dry jelqs when my unit plumps up. I do this while on the computer and have not yet devised an actual routine. The idea being to ease myself back into it both physically and mentally. I had planned on doing some version of the noob routine after I got myself to knuckle down.

3) The day before yesterday, (Thursday), I started getting a blood blister on one of my toes due to being more aggressive in my cliff descents. So yesterday, (Friday), I decided to switch to sneakers and go on a much smaller hike, say half of what I usually do. With that in mind and taking the very nice weather into account I wore non-fleece, lighter sweat pants than usual and no underwear.

4) Hooo Haaa! perfect weather and my feet feel light as feathers! I get to where I had planned on turning around and instead head right up the far cliff. I get to the top and still can’t believe how light my feet feel, this is great! The whole wearing extra heavy boots is really paying off and I decide to find out just how much it has paid off. I have been going a bit faster than usual but now decide to turn it up even more, heading down the far side of the ridge, weaving in and out of the boulders, trees, and cactuses. Didn’t get home till after dark and probably covered half again my normal distance and double my normal altitude changes.

5) My unit felt a little “funny” but didn’t think much of it, got to sleep around 2am. Weird dream: I was sitting on the veranda at the mods club house (naked) with a bunch of the other mods.
Sunny and DW were talking and having cocktails when all of a sudden DW looks over and says,” Dude, what the hell happened to your dick?”
I look down and see that I have this weird blister on the left side of my helmet. I reply, “I don’t know, that doesn’t look good does it.”
We talk a bit more, and, while I am concerned about my injury, I don’t want to stop hanging out on the veranda. Finally Sunny and DW convince me that I should wake up and check on my unit and I do.

6) It looks a bit puffy on the tip but seems to be OK but boy does it hurt! A combination of the stress of starting back up with PE a bit better flaccid hang than I have become accustomed to, no undies, non-fleece sweats, and a very twisty, high-speed hike gave me chaffing like you wouldn’t believe. It feels like a weird combination of wind and rug burn and is a bit worse on the left side than the right. I kept waking me up the rest of the night; I would be Ok then shift just a little bit and AAAARRGG! It hurts even more today and probably will be sore for a week.

Moral of the story? Be careful, you only have one penis.

Running a Massive Co-Front.