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Cold, pale, and shriveled. Why?

Cold, pale, and shriveled. Why?

Lately my penis has been cold to the touch, paler, and much smaller and thinner in its flaccid state. It feels “empty” I havent seen it hard in the past 3 days, and I usually have sex everyday. For the past couple months I have been having lots of sex. I would start to feel drained after doing it to much, but after a day or two of no sex I would be just as horny as ever with very strong erections. But for the last 3 days, I havent been able to get more then half erected, even with porno and jelqing.

Im trying to think of possible ways that I may have injured my penis. Here are my possibilities:
-To much sex and not enough sleep
-wearing a cock ring that constricted the balls. (i dont think it was to tight though)
- btw my PC muscle has been a little sore for about a week and I don’t do kegels.
-erect jelqing (the last time i did this though was about a week and half before my problems)

Any thoughts on what the cause is, or what I should do? I was thinking about getting a Heating pad.

My guess is that this is just a temporary thing. So long as your PE program is not real strenuous, it isn’t that.

If you aren’t getting much sleep, the first things to go are erectile function and mental clarity. Combine that with a whole lot of sex and your body will naturally suggest you slow down and rest up.




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