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Anybody Ever Experienced This? intense Ligament Release Sensation?

Anybody Ever Experienced This? intense Ligament Release Sensation?

So I’m not sure how to word what I experienced last night. This wasn’t a ligament pop has I had many before. I have a severe curve to the right. When I stretch straight down the right side of my penis’s gets most the tension and where I would normally feel a ligament pop. Well last night stretching down my penis’s had a unique feeling that the ligament let go? My penis’s became slightly longer and the tension felt more even. I quickly let go because it scared me but when I tried it again it felt right back to right side feeling tighter. I had no pain, had sex with great EQ so I don’t think im injured. Just curious if Somebody ever had a similar experience.

You shouldn’t have ‘many ligament pops’, what are you trying to achieve with them?

What is the exact location on the penis where you felt that sensation? Base, midshaft, ventral, dorsal?

Need to get that to determine what part of the penile anatomy was actually involved.

Marinera: I wasn’t trying to get lig pops .I was just trying to let people know that I had many from experience,and positive that’s not what I felt. I felt it where I normally get a ligament pop though.

Ectospasm. It occurred on the right side of my penis’s feeling close to the base along my curve and internally a little. As. Mention I only get ligament pops there but it didn’t feel the same. When I get a ligament pop I feel a pop and maybe a slight give but this felt like a deeper pulling inside and the tension felt more equal on both sides of my penis’s instead of normaly on my right side base.

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There are two different ligaments in that region. Maybe the lig pop is when you stretch one of them. Those phenomena are similar anyway?

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