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And then Blood came out..

And then Blood came out..

So Ive been using an elastic armband wrap for the past week everyday about 5 hours a day. Ive also been stimulating my dick while in the wrap to achieve a maximum engourgement. And boy was it fat. Until the other night I came while in the wrap, (unintentionally) and instead of white cum, it was blood. Oh shit. I nearly fainted and almost shit myself. I was scared shitless to take a piss, but I really had to go. So after a few hours of stressing out I got the guts to take a piss. I pissed blood, and chunks of clotted blood. Oh shit… Oh no. Oh shit. Although it didnt hurt to pee, neither did it hurt when blood came out of my dick. But I noticed I might have bursted a blood vessel near the left side base of my dick, where the wrap was. Im hoping that it was just that, that may have leaked into my ureathra and nothing worse. I was even more scared shitless because my girlfriend was coming over in two nights. “What if I come blood again?” “What the hell am I going to say to her? Ahh, I dont feel like having sex tonight even though I want to eat you alive.” Oh shit.. The next day when I woke up, I took a piss, and it was normal and clean. Ahh shit, phew! I noticed though that the bursted vessel had already begun to go away. It seems that the penis can repair itself at a remarkable speed because well, I guess it has no choice since there is alot of blood constantly moving through that area. But man I didnt even think about sex for 24 hours and my dick turtled like a scared little turtle. So the time came for me to pick up my girl, and she came over. And she looked like the hottest thing Ive ever seen. And I just thought to myself: “You are going to give it to her, even if your little pecker is bleeding.” She looked so hot, that I just didnt give a fuck dude. So I gave it to her with everything I had., Just in case it was the last time my dick could function again. But that night luck was on my side. Because my cum was not the dreaded dead sea red, but the glorious cocaine conviction hue of pureness. WOOHOO! My life isn’t over!! Im so sorry Minime, you are a real trooper buddy, and probably more forgiving than I am, and I owe you big time boss. And thus, another lesson learned in my endeavor of command and comquer. But Im lucky to have such a tough little General on my side.

But really though, I could have really screwed up my shit huh? Has this happened to any of you before? I know, I know, Im a dumb ass. And I definitely deserve that one.. Maybe dumb shit. All I know is Im not messin with the wrap for at least a month!

Well, I know it’s happened to other’s, but if I even get close to a point where I feel I might bleed from my dick, I back off some.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

I was wearing a tight wrap (vacHanger sleeve) and took a leak with it on. I had to press on to get out the urine, and it came out red. My guess is that the urethra was squeezed shut at the beginning of the wrap and then it “ballooned” and ripped a little right there. It healed up real quick, but I haven’t taken a leak while wearing anything tight since.

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by jackhumble
I know, I know, Im a dumb ass. And I definitely deserve that one.. Maybe dumb shit. All I know is Im not messin with the wrap for at least a month!

You said it, not me.


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