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Alot of aches and abit of pain in the left side of my fatpad

Alot of aches and abit of pain in the left side of my fatpad

It’s like just after the top of the thigh. I’ve just gotten an injury a few days ago so decided to start on stretching more. Anyway it hurts when I pull my dick in certain directions, if I do it to the right it doesn’t. Or if I press lightly on the fat pad on the left side I can feel the pain quite alot Guess I better take a break from PE till things recover. Pretty annoying though, I just want to keep going! What sort of injury do you think this is? Oh and it doesn’t hurt when I pull it up and to the right and sometimes down so I think I’ll just avoid stretches that mess with it. I really don’t want to take any break, quitting jelqing and clamping is annoying enough.

You have a sligthly inflammed ligament, that’s my guess. You shouldn’t stretch with a lot of force, this is counterproductive actually. Rest and it will heal.

Yup I definitely think it’s a ligament problem, so I’d be okay to clamp right? Just keep of stretching and jelqs.


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