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Ztarken tries PE using newbie Routine

Ztarken tries PE using newbie Routine

Hi guys this is my PE Journal. I will update every week.
Hoping for a good experience and to share it to encourage others in their efforts.

My starting values.

Length 11.5cm 4,53”
Girth 11.1cm 4,37”

18.0cm 7,09
13,2cm 5,20

Hi Ztarken,

Welcome to Thunders, I wish you luck on your new journey.

A well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.

A well PE'd Penis gives girls the "Wow Eyes"

I :surf: therefore I am

Routine update

This is the routine I’m following.

Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine

Extra emphasis on keeping the penis warm all the time with microed rice.

Warm is good. It makes a surprisingly big difference.

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Routine Update 2

Ok so after following the Newbie Routine after 2 weeks I’ve noticed some potential gains.

BPEL from 18.0cm to 18.5cm
EG from 13.2cm to 13.5cm.

I know these are to small gains to be safely considered to be actual gains. I’m less sure about the length gain since that could be more bone pressed this time.
Girth gain thou I feel more confident about. Gain is about 1/8”. I will continue same exercise 2 days on 1 day for 2 more weeks then measure and Update again.

Great work so far! Take it slow and steady, you will succeed.

Started PE 6/14/13. BPEL 6.5", NBPEL 5.5", MSEG 4.75"

7/18/13 BPEL 6.75, NBPEL 5.75, MSEG 4.875

8/9/13 BPEL 7", NBPEL 6", MSEG 4.875

Routine Update 3

Ok updating after following the Newbie Routine for 4 weeks.

25/8-13 08/09-13 21/09-13
BPFL 11.5 ?? 12.0
MFG 11.1 ?? 11.5

BPEL 18.0 18.5 18.5
MEG 13.2 13.5 13.6

This time I did gain flaccid volume but almost none Erectile volume.
Plan is to continue newbie routine for 4 more weeks. Will update in 2 weeks.

Current routine is.
5 min heating (rice sock)
2x(4 stretching for 35sec)
15 min wet jelqing
And finally 10 min jerking/kegels. I find it a lot easier doing kegels when jerking off. I usually try not to ejaculate, saving it up for my GF later in the day :)

If I don’t see better gains I will drop the jerking part but as for now I will keep it.

Routine Update 4

Hey back again after two more weeks of Newbie Routine.
Have increasingly added to the length of each phase. Stretching is now 4x 35 secs stretches all directions done 3 times for a total of 12x35 secs stretches.
Then 20 mins of wet jelqing.

Gains since last 14 days.

Measurement Date-Erect Length-Erect Girth-Flaccid Length-Flaccid Girth-Erect Width-Erect Volume cubic inches

2013-09-21 7.300 5.400 4.700 4.500 1.719 16.939
2013-10-06 7.500 5.400 4.900 4.700 1.719 17.404

A whooping +0,2” in length and also really good flaccid increases in both length and girth.
I really enjoy the flaccid gains since I’ve always been a grower not shower :)

No erection girth gains this time. EQ is really good right now feel hard as granite and really veiny.

Routine Update 5

Ok so after total of 10 weeks PE I’m back to make a report.

Here are the numbers.

Measurement Date-Erect Length-Erect Girth-Flaccid Length-Flaccid Girth-Erect Width-Erect Volume cubic inches

Comment to gains. The Flaccid length is what has moved a lot here, really encouraging since that is what I want the most.
Also the erect girth has moved a little +0,1”.

A important thing to notice here is that during these 2 last weeks since last measurement report I have not been to consistent with my
PE workouts. Also less training at the gym not good food routines and lack of sleep. Will focus on consistence next 2 weeks.

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