Zeed's quest to a bigger manhood

Hey there,

I got interested into PE mainly because I never liked the size of my flaccid penis. I am a grower, not a shower, so I never got any troubles with the ladies since my erect penis is average sized. When I found this forum, I understood getting gains was possible and now want to be above average, flaccid and erect. Who wouldn’t?

So I’ve been experimenting PE with the newbie routine for a few months, and now wants to get serious with it. Since I only got temporary gains so far, and thus started lacking motivation, I decided to get tools to help me reach my goals and make it more fun.

My routine would be as follow: 2 days on, 1 off
- 5 min in the bath/shower
- 5 min in the Bathmate X30 at approx. Mid-pressure level, going in erect
- 5 min warming up with the heating pad
- 5 min of jelqs and stretches (50 jelqs + five 30 sec. Stretches to each directions)

- 5 min of jelqs and stretches
- 10 min in the air pump at 3-5 inHg, keeping the tube warm with the heating pad, with 10 seconds breaks every 2-3 minutes to massage my penis and get hard again (going in at least 80% erect, with kegels while in the tube)
- 5 min of jelqs and stretches, and massage to the penis, warming down with the heating pad
- Stretchy cockring or extender for a few hours

+ 10 minutes of stretches and massage on days off

My starting stats: FL 3.9”, FG 4.7”, BPEL 6.3”, EG 5.1”.
Goals: FL 5.1”, FG 5.3”, BPEL 7.1”, EG 5,9”.

What do you guys think of it? Too much? Not enough? Too diversified? Any comment is appreciated!