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Winky's Progress


Originally Posted by Loves2spooge69
Glad to hear your progress, if you check out my thread you will see that we have similar measurements. Obviously you are a grower but as you continue you will see your flaccid length increase. About that extra day you took, when your member is sore that is when you know you are doing things right. Even if you do not feel like doing PE you should do it (unless it’s a rest day). I think the newbie routine is one on and one off. Overtime, within the next few weeks, increase that to two days on and one off. As long as you keep up, you will gain. I know I have

Thanks Love2spooge69. I checked out your progress - looking good sir!

Not updated in a while, but it’s going well.

Moved to 2 on 1 off, or sometimes 1 on, 1 off depending on how it’s feeling.
Had some trouble with spotting, but reduced grip strength and it seems to happen less often.
Moved to using a rice sock, which feels so much better, and is a lot less messy.

Current routine:

5-10min rice sock

JAI Sets of 15, with 1 min break with rice sock between sets.
1 min stretch x five directions

200 dry strokes with pinch grip
Rice sock x 5mins

Throughout the day

I’m adding 15 strokes a week until I reach 400.
Will add an extra 2.5mins of stretching when I reach 300 strokes.

Girth is unchanged.
NBPEL: 6.75”

Very happy with my gains, will measure again in August

Originally Posted by MisterWinky

NBPEL: 6.75”

Very happy with my gains, will measure again in August

That should say BPEL. I wish it was NPBEL.

Just a quick note - I’ve tried to really slow my Jelqs down, and I’m feeling it much more.


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