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Wife Comments and Progress

Wife Comments and Progress

I’ve only had one sexual partner and so has my wife. She has always told me that my penis is big but she’s never had different partners to compare and hasn’t looked at porn.
My goal is 7.5 BPEL. And 5.5 EG. Right now I think my size is above average but not big. I’m especially interested improving EL maybe I need to loose some weight. Also I wouldn’t mind a bigger flaccid.

I’m thinking of doing PE and seeing if she notices anything or vocalizes anything differently. I’ll post updates on both her comments and my progress.

She wrote on a banana “you put this banana to shame”. The banana was about my size maybe a bit bigger. Hmm.

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If anyone out there is my size let me know what your sexual partners have said about your penis size. Thanks!

Oh yeah, just fyi, I’m 6 ft 3inches 235 lbs.

I’m normal build.

She is 5’3 and I’m guessing 110 lbs.

She’s more pear shaped I’d say. A cup breasts.

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New measurements today

You’re bigger than average, length especially. What is your NBP?

6.625 NBPEL

Your goal is easy. I think you would set new goal soon.

P.S.: your wife is funny :) .

I have troubles with consistency in PE. I would be quite amazed if I ever reached my goal. I usually do just do PE stuff in the shower.

So it means it’s not that important for you. Try to find a few moments for yourself, like if you’d go to the gym. PE it’s taking care of your body too.

You never said you actual current measurements. Only your goals. I see you did say later your nbpel but what is bone pressed and erect girth?

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