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Why we do it

Why we do it

Hi guys

I am interested in payoff stories that go beyond the precision measurements. I have already posted my modest story but maybe it will bear repeating: my girlfriend came over for Xmas, I hadn’t seen her for weeks and had been furiously stretching. She came on the first night just from penetration which is an oh so rare event, and on the second night she said “alright, what have you done to it”. Two beautiful moments for me. What about you?

Equally, if you have gone from worrying about ‘the great unveiling’ to getting vibes that you are too big for comfort - I want to know.

Love to all

I witnessed a black girl in a gaze at my bulge in class a few days ago. I looked right at her for a few moments and she just kept staring with wide-eyes, it was a surreal experience.


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