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Mebs that’s how I did it, did you check width prior to clamping and during the clamp set?

I tried those squeezes I gave a link to earlier and they felt fine.
I also tried to edge, the rare times I reached full erection it subsided instantly.
I also did tennis ball massage.

A good deal of stretches.
When I perform basical directional stretches I do not retract foreskin otherwise they feel useless. I therefore grip tight well below the glans and pull, I can feel the stretch in what I think are the ligs.
Otherwise I mostly do the downward fulcrum stretch.

July 1 (no girth work) 2 5 6 (just a bit of squeezes) 7 (no girth work)

Basic directional stretches and downward fulcrum stretches.

July 1 (no girth work) 2 5 6 (just a bit of squeezes) 7 (no girth work) 8 (no girth work)

Same but fulcrum stretch didn’t go as well.

July 1 (no girth work) 2 5 6 (just a bit of squeezes) [7 8 9 ] (no girth work)

_I edged a lot.

_Huh I tried to stretch for ages it was just such a disgusting and pointless attempt huh %-\

I had been off porn for a fortnight before relapsing for a few days, now I’ve been off it for 11 days. I have not released in more than a week.

Originally Posted by Walter5169
I had been off porn for a fortnight before relapsing for a few days, now I’ve been off it for 11 days. I have not released in more than a week.

Well then, it sounds like you’re on a mission! Any good news to report?

No! I’m just trying what I can to fix my awful EQ.

Also porn is a real waste of time and I identify with many important symptoms of porn addicts (and feel the opposite for many other symptoms).


I’ll stay away from pe forums for a while.

It could be harder than cutting off porn !

I’ve been getting much much better erection the past week, thanks to supplements. I’m not sure it’s a good thing to need a supplement in your twenties though. I still have 0 morning wood ir random erections.

I was certainly happy to edge two-three times a day and notice I was hard and really big. I’m pretty sure I was girthier but I have been deceived too many times to measure.

I also did dry jelqing.

Today I had less interest and lower EQ, no idea if the supplements effect is starting to fade or if I just needed to release and have a rest day.

My one and only goal right now is to keep a great EQ (I’m sure there’s room for improvement) and do dry jelqs.

EQ is where it’s at, it boosts confidence.

Edging should be newbies main routine.

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How are you getting on Walter! Check your e-mails ;)

So I indeed experienced one week of nice erections a bit more than a month ago (Filling up) , the size was great. Supplements’ effects faded and back to square one I was.

These nice erections had brought a total increase of 0.4-5 in girth, now my erections are bad again and I’m even back to my starting girth if not less, this is quite depressing.

I have tried many things to sort the EQ out, to no avail:

_I did a flaccid doppler which showed no scar tissue.

_I got my hormones checked, not much to worry about .

_ 10 mg of cialis , I still don’t reach good EQ.

_I stayed 3 months off porn, I masturbated rarely and released even less, edged more without releasing , and barely noticed improvements.

So right now my idea is to do 2x10 mn sessions at low vacuum level, either everyday or every other day.
I have no idea if I should rely on this at such a young age, and whether it can reverse these kind of problems for good.

I’m also pondering an erect doppler to check for both scar tissue and blood flow, but I’m wary of injections leading to more problems than what I already have.
The other thing is since I had quality erections by taking pom juice, maca, ginseng, I’m not sure there could be any problems with veins.

The other possibility is to forget my penis for 6 months .

If you have any thoughts, please share.

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To rephrase my questions in a quick way:

If you have any knowledge on injections in the penis/erect doppler, would you say I should do it and how safe is it?

Is it ok to rely on pumping and a very long break to try and fix my EQ for good (so I can stop pumping without reverting back to bad EQ) at a young age? Should I forget about light pumping too and just take 6 months off?

Why don’t you take a whole month off first instead of six.

Try using macca and pom juice, three-four days a week. If you consume more often eventually your body will get use to it and will have no effect at all.

Three days usage of the above, no PE, see if you can achieve morning wood. Ejaculate once week and try doing it fast. Don’t get any pleasure, just release the load.

Perhaps your dick is just tired.

Also, I don’t want to alarm you but check your heart. A simple doppler ultra sound will do the work.

If I ‘d have to guess, I would say that perhaps you are just generally tired.

BPEL 7 EG 5.5 NBPEL 6.5 Flaccid length 4.5. Started Jan 2015 at bpel 6.5 nbpel 6.0 and eg 5.2 flaccid length was 3.5

I have reached my goal. At least for now.

I have quit the maca , pom juice and ginseng for three weeks and have started again with little effects.

I have already stopped PE for three months earlier to no avail, I very seldom cum more than once a week , and have no morning wood.

I think I have settled for light jelqing and gentle short pumping sets . A break but with some exercises for EQ.

I may do the erect doppler though, not sure about that.


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