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The expansion you get from only 10 minutes worth of pumping should be just about 100% from blood engorgement.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I guess so , still I see the veins a bit less than previously, and it’s even truer (ugly word) within the cylinder . I don’t think it’s relevant fluid build up anyway.

The base of my left cc didn’t fill up properly in the recent past, , and pumping seems to help with that.
I’m also curious whether the tunica stretches I did not long ago have now allowed me to gain a bit of girth at the base with pumping and jelqing.
I hope it’s not temporary and builds up over time.
The only downside is the veins and nerves are stuck against the cylinder much quicker during the session, I’ll ask Steve from thickwall and see if he can come up with an idea.

An easy tip when it happens is to push the underside of the cylinder’s base against the pen, it helps relieve pressure from the dorsal part of the penis.

I feel the stress mostly on the urethra. Everyone is different I guess. Could it be that the base of the cylnder isn’t smooth enough?

No, it’s a cylinder from thickwall and honestly the finishing is great. As the name suggests the ending is very thick, it’s also smooth.

It seems the dorsal veins and nerves always try to be stuck against the wall, and basically the spot where the cylinder digs in the fat pad had become uncomfortable a while ago. Now I hope the short sets will be fine.

I’ve had a similar problem with clamping / squeezing too much , so I guess I’m prone to feel this pain with such exercises now.

Yesterday I did 2 10 mn pumping sets.

Today: 10 mn pumping set in the afternoon.

In the evening, 20 mn of strong quality jelqing, followed by 10 mn of pumping.

That last set really annoyed me because I can feel the creepy nerve pain waiting at the corner ..

My routine seems to work well and pumping really helps, for erection quality first and most likely for base girth. It would be cool to find a way to continue.

I have other ideas in mind concerning my PE, but since this routine is fine it deserves a real go.

No pumping today.

I did 20 mn of tunica stretches, followed by a bit more than 15 mn of jelqing.

No pumping today either. I hope the two days off will allow me to do 2x10 mn one day on one day off. I have some doubts it will.

_ 20 mn of jelqing which went well. I admit I felt a slight discomfort on the right dorsal half of the shaft a couple of times, but nothing to be worried about .

_ whole body work out.

20 mn of jelqing.

_20 mn of jelqing.

If I have no results with heated tunica stretches and jelqing (which seems likely), I’ll consider hanging SO and use angles + fulcrums to, at last, make a bit of gains. Actually I may switch to the last option anyway.
I also thought about using the hanger to perform the heated tunica stretches in a very lazy way.

First rule be optimist. :)

_ Arms work out.

_ Edged a couple of times.

“First rule be optimist.”

I’m confident I will not gain.

Does that work? I gave it my all.


Today I felt better.

_ Skipping

_ Legs work out

_ 20 mn of quality jelqs. This time I did all of them in one set. Usually I split them in three sets to keep a high erection level, but there I played with both hands as described in my thread on jelqing. It helped me keep a nice intensity despite the lower erection level. I was happy with that.
I’m sure I work a bit more on upper shaft girth when I do this, but then I always work more on it anyway.

_ Some stretches and deep breathing

_ Tomorrow I should receive my hanger, I may start using it right away to do some lazy tunica stretches B-)

No Pe yesterday (too many stupid events), no pe today, but a proper full body work out.

Skipping, various push ups, pull ups and legs work out.

_ 20 mn of jelqing.


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