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What does yours look like?

There is not much to do, check inguinal lymph nodes, your pubic bone, if it’s all clear, then gentle massage with heat could help or aggravate the condition. If it doesn’t work rest is the only option. Castor oil packs could help overall lymph flow , and in any case, they won’t hurt.

I had what I thought was weird lymph build up but to this day I still don’t know what it was / is. It is not what you have though, 100 % sure.

Walter, how old are you?

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Mine is under the head at the skin its like a small worm it doesn’t hurt or anything but it makes harder to grip for stretching because is right there(like an obstacle). Hmm do you know what can be the side effects on this? Consider that I have it at least a month and doesn’t seem to harm my penis what do you think?

It sounds like a lymphocele indeed, what happens if you gently press on it for a while?

Yesterday and today I did a few short pumping sets, the longest one being 10 mn. I’m trying to get things moving down there

I forgot to mention I’m off porn for about 5 days now.

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If I press on it it is getting bigger but if I use heat is getting smaller I don’t know it just doesn’t leave its like part of my penis now.

Well it’s up to you then, all the info is there.

Today I did two 10 mn pumping sets (few hours apart) , and also added gentle jelq sets after each pump set. I’ll avoid pumping tomorrow.

I’m starting to have quite a lof of interest in hanging. Basically I would love to hang , use a fulcrum and tighten an ok grip at the base, to perform easy and very efficient tunica stretches.

There are some ideas here Girthier at lower erection level

Basically I have a strong belief if I combine tunica work and girth work I’ll gain. I have managed to do it for a bit a month ago, and it felt absolutely awesome . Lots of tunica stretches, then a good session of quality jelqing.

I see no reason not to work on the tunica while I do girth work, and why I shouldn’t work both on length and girth at the same time .

You also find this idea in one of memento’s routine .

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I answered to that thread :D

Makes sense. I like to do bundles before girth workouts.

I would say the area you target with fulcrums will be then primed/weakend for the following girth work. I only want to gain base right now and thus I only do bends and fulcrums and bundles there. Do you observe the same with the spots you focus on?

And what do you think about the timing/frequency of such stretches before jelqs. Better long time low intensity or something shorter intense?

I never liked short and intense stretches, I like to feel the stretch (the feeling of the IR lamp during tunica stretches is great) and hold it. The thing is it’s a pain in the arse to hold them manually.
I gave a go to bundled stretches, they can work great but I’m sure hair would quickly creep up my schlong if I did them on a regular basis.
When I mixed both tunica stretches and jelqs, I did about 35-45 mn of tunica stretches using the golf weights to stretch in all directions. Then I added fingers or the back of my hand above the piled up golf weights and continued. So basically the whole tunica was worked.
When I jelqed the soreness and general feeling I had was awesome.
I have no doubt if you focus tunica work on the base it will help you gain more girth at the base, but since I worked on the whole shaft, I can’t be assertive.

Hell the guy who came up with bundled stretches (bloody Germans!) claimed he gained plenty of girth from performing them only. I’m not sure I recall many other members who noticed similar results.

I don’t know if it is necessary to do them on a daily basis, I guess it depends on how it feels for you.

>Hell the guy who came up with bundled stretches (bloody Germans!) <

Who do you think came up with them? I know they are older than this forum. The earliest mention I can find was from 7-up (the guy who was also the first to mention v-stretches to my knowledge) but that’s going back to around 2000 on the ezboard forums. Is there an earlier German source?

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It got popular through Wurts’s post but was mentioned often prior. In the end the ancient jelqers did it all already. There was even a guy who made research trips to these ancient places and brought it to us. Not sure about his name.. D… ? :D
I invented the Tranny BTC ADC Stretch :-P

Wurst was very clear on bundles hampering future length gains.. not sure if that is going on with me too.

They are best done in a very heated beeing very squishy and loose tissue. I bundle right at the base and could twist it 10 times along the dick. Its not bad at all. Still the bundle is already intense but can be intensified with bending the bundle or compressing it.
I could do some everyday at medium intensity.

tunica stretches make probably sense along with bends. I often do bends and a tunica stretch is basicly a bend stretched.

I’ve never even heard of Wurt. No one here by that name.

I do think bundled stretches are probably a good route to nerve damage. With twisting and stretching the shear forces on limited amounts of tissue are uncontrolled, if that tissue happens to be nerve that’s probably bad.

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I’m aware of the exercise. Sure anything can be done with a range of intensities but not all forms of PE are as hard to gauge the actual force placed on certain areas of tissue.

If you research structural shear, you’ll understand what I mean.

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